Wrap Up of the 2015 Red Wing Equipment Sale



This year, the Detroit Red Wings had some pretty interesting items.  On the day before the sale, the jersey pricing list was distributed to season ticket holders, however an equipment list was not distributed.  The Hockeytown Authentics twitter and facebook pages uploaded sneak peaks of equipment throughout the days leading up to the event.

Many of the jerseys that did not see many games were not on the list and most likely will be recycled for the following year, such as playoff jerseys and players like Ferraro, Pulkinnen, McCollum, etc.  Last year, many players playoff jerseys were not made available and recycled to this year as well.

There were some interesting points regarding pricing/availability this year:

  • The base price for any regular season jersey increased from $500 to $525.
  • Mrazek priced more than Howard.  $800 vs $950.
  • Price increase on many players.
  • Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Howard consistent.
  • GI jerseys down to $100 – $125.
  • Sheahan and DeKeyser had only 1 color available.
  • No worn playoffs available (last year had 4-6 players)
  • Kronwall was the cheapest lettered jersey at $800.
  • All of the training camp and exhibition jerseys from previous years as carry over sold, however:

It seems that some exhibition and training camp jerseys were found and put out on the racks as a surprise to those in attendance.  There was a Lidstrom 2007 white training camp for $700 (up from $400 when they were originally released 2 years ago) which sold, a Hasek training camp and exhibition jersey listed at $999, and a Shanahan exhibition for $750.

Even more curious, there were a couple name on back removed training camp and exhibition jerseys.  They were a number #25 red 2007-13 exhibition (later confirmed to be worn by Darren McCarty), a #39 white 2007 training camp (later confirmed to be a Hasek and possibly from other years) and a #39 white 2007-13 exhibition (later confirmed to be a Hasek).  These name on back removed jerseys were sold “As Is” without COA’s but confirmed through positive artifact photomatching.

As you walk in the door, they had tables for gloves, helmets, goalie gloves with pads below and on the opposite side a bin for goalie chest protectors and cages.  Continuing through, there was a table for skates that dead ended into a large display for pants and the 2 goalie bags.  After the pants, were the racks of sticks.

Interesting points for gear:

  • Helmets sold very quick (with the exception of a $400 Alfredsson)
  • Gloves sold quickly (with the exception of almost 5 pairs of Weiss for $85)
  • Pants sold out.
  • Skates sold slowly and many pairs remained.  Pricing from $350 – $750.
  • Goalie Bags were priced at $300 for Gustavsson and $400 for Mrazek.
  • There was no equipment for Datsyuk or Zetterberg

Fun note: Prior to the sale beginning, a training camp Hossa was spotted but it was placed in the back and not made available for sale.

As we gather more information, we will keep the article updated.  The distributed pricing list can be found here.