West Coast Collection Up In Smoke

This morning, it was brought to our attention that the game worn hockey jersey world lost one of its largest collections on the west coast.  Late last night, an electrical fire consumed the entire contents of the vault room of a bay area collector. wine_vault_black3 The fire started from a faulty wiring job in the lights.  Luckily no one was injured in the fire as the vault door was sealed and the lack of oxygen extinguished the fire after the damage had already been done.  Firefighters were not called on scene as the fire silently did its job overnight without anyone’s knowledge. This is a tragedy to the collecting world not in terms of quality that has been lost but in sheer quantity.  Its estimated that over 3,000 pieces were lost.  Most pieces were San Jose Sharks jerseys that nobody cares about, however there were some nice gems from other teams.

The shitty racks used to hang the jerseys in the vault are believed to have expedited the progress of the fire.  These shitty racks have been known to collapse frequently inside the vault.


 It was very rare to ever see any of the jerseys from the vault.  In fact, the only way to sneak a peak is to talk about a team or a player that resided in the vault, which would then magically appear on your Facebook post for no apparent reason.


When the insurance appraiser arrived on scene to assess the value of the losses, he asked the collector what he thought the estimated value was in order to process the paper work to pay the claim.  The collector simply responded, “Not For Sale”.