Vancouver Canucks Leading the Way in Packaging

Out of all the teams that handle their own jersey sales, the Vancouver Canucks seem to be taking great strides to cater to game worn jersey collectors.  They seem to have a strong understanding as to what we want from a collector standpoint and delivering.

Above, you can see the packaging that was included in a 2012-13 Henrik Sedin Set 2 jersey.  The box the jersey is delivered in has a great rendering of the jersey on the exterior.  The jersey is tagged with a barcode above the fight strap that lists the year and set of the jersey with an identifying number and the Canucks logo.  The certificate of authenticity that is included has the Canucks logo embossed on it and includes information such as player name, player number, size, barcode registration number, set, and the dates the jersey was worn.

Recently, we have seen the new 2014-15 Millionaires set shipped with the same packaging and an added bonus.  Inside the tail of the jersey, you can see a tag, similar to a team tag in which the player has signed, however, the signature stays on the tag, and not on the jersey.  This seems to be a great solution for all kinds of collectors, as some collectors do not want the player to sign the jersey, and some allow them to sign the fight strap.  As it is generally accepted to have a team tag, a signed team tag is a great way to include an autograph with the jersey without having the player actually signing the jersey, keeping the purists happy.

As you can see, they haven’t skimped on any of the other great pieces they do, and the box even matches the jersey style.

We have reached out to someone within the Canucks organization asking about the signature tags to see if this is something that they will be doing in the future.  What we have gathered so far is that it is something that they would be interested in continuing, but we think a big factor that allowed it to happen with the Millionaire jerseys is that the players were still available to sign after they were done using the jerseys.  Since other jerseys are worn through the end of the season, players may have already left before being able to sign.

We are hoping to see more of these signature tags from the Canucks in the future.  Pending the material that is used for the tags, it may be plausible to have players sign tags prior to the retirement of the jersey then affix them later.  We are very excited to see a team that listens to the collector as the Vancouver Canucks seem to do.