Teams, Stop Trying to Create a Fancy Sales Method. Please.


When it comes to team sales, some teams really have it down well.  The Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Milwaukee Admirals, Rockford Ice Hogs.  They announce the date of the sale.  Prep all the equipment and jerseys.  Put everything on the floor.  Open the doors.

Some teams are trying to be too fancy which creates negative results.  Its easy to accept getting beat out on something that you really wanted when someone else beats you to the punch, but the right place, right time and chance factors can really leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

Selling jerseys to people from a list of people who have requested jerseys throughout the season is probably not the best way to do it.  It only raises questions, especially when you have a sudo sales method for the rest of the jerseys already.  How does one get on the list?  When should I get on the list?  Who is the point of contact?  Have you made it widely known that this is how you are “preselling” jerseys?

If you take these backdoor style presales and upon the completion of the sale to that person have to ask them not to wear the jerseys for a while so others do not get mad, you are probably doing something wrong.

Lets not even talk raffles.

Maybe you have a specific day you are holding a sale, but you have boxes of jerseys that you release throughout the day instead of made available from the start of the sale, is that a great tactic?  I think not.  The objective of a sale is to sell everything, right?  What if you have someone at your sale at the beginning, they buy what they want and leave, BUT they would have bought more, had it been available.  There could be the person who likes a player nobody else likes, they don’t see that jersey, they leave.  Then finally you put it out at the sale and it doesn’t sell.

Lets talk about that chance element.  You have some higher demand items that the people who waited for the sale to open up have been waiting to try to get.  When they get there, those items aren’t available so they buy other things.  Later, the items that those people wanted get put out at the sale, and the guy who just randomly walked buy sees it and buys it.  Alternatively, all sales are final right?  Well, the people who waited for that item specifically settled for other items, not knowing that would become available and no longer have the money for the purchase that they really wanted.

Its not complicated to sell jerseys and equipment in a manner that works for everyone.  Many teams do it already.  Why is it some teams have issues getting on board?  One method to sell your stuff.  Announce it.  Make it all available.  Sit back and let the sale run.  Even if you put EVERYTHING on eBay, at least its known what you have, when your selling it, and how you are selling it.  

Whats with the games?