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Game Logged Brodeur Sticks in the Final Hours of Steiner Auctions

With only hours left in the Steiner Auctions, we take a look at some final pieces of interest.  Goal sticks from Martin Brodeur’s personal collection.  Some of these sticks were game issued for special events and some were used during game wins.

All the game used sticks are from from the same year so the stick models are the same.  Each has been marked with the win it is from.  A serious collector STILL knows the additional research that can be done, such as: Who cataloged the game date on the stick?  Was it Marty himself or possibly an equipment manager?  Whoever it is, it looked like they had originally got the number of shutouts wrong on the Win 545 stick and had to correct it.  Did Marty keep a stick from each one of his wins?  Did he at one point have 691 sticks in his home?

Some of these questions we may never know the answer to, but it sure is fun to think about it.  For those interested in the stick listings, they are below:

Martin Brodeur Game Used White/Black Reebok Goalie Stick- Win #539 vs. NY Islanders 10/10/08

Martin Brodeur Game Used White/Black Reebok Goalie Stick- Win #545 vs Colorado Avalanche 2/26/09 (99th Career Shutout)

Martin Brodeur Game Used White/Black Reebok Goalie Stick- 3/3/09 vs Toronto Maple Leafs Win #548

Martin Brodeur Game Used Black/Red/White Reebok ‘6K’ Stick – Win #550 3/12/09

Martin Brodeur Game Issued Pink Sherwood “Breast Cancer Awareness” Goalie Stick

Martin Brodeur Game Issued Sherwood “Movember” Black/Gold Goalie Stick

Martin Brodeur Game Used White/Black/Red Reebok Stick “Pulse” (BROKEN)

Martin Brodeur Vezina Year Pads

Those who know me know I have a great interest in goalie equipment, being a goalie myself.  Its the only position I can play, on ice.  Naturally, with arguably the best goaltender ever in the NHL having his equipment being sold on Steiner Auctions, I had to check them out.

Generally, being game worn jersey/equipment collectors, many of us enjoy doing the research on items.  Many of us buy the item, but enjoy the research more.  It is always intriguing to find out new information about an item or the history behind a jersey as you continue to do more research.

Upon beginning research on the Martin Brodeur pads on Steiner Auctions from his personal collection, I discovered that each have a notable history in the years his career. Currently for auction are game worn pads from his 2000-01 season, 2003-04 season, and 2006-07 season.


The 2000-01 season pads are the most unique pads available with a different primary color for each leg.  During this season, Brodeur registered 42 wins, the most in the league that year and one of his 8 40 win seasons.  He also took his team 1 win shy of winning the Stanely Cup.  He was nominated for the Vezina this year.

Away Goal Scored Pucks Come to Steiner Auctions


Recently, we have seen a large increase in the demand for goal scored pucks.  While many teams offer goal scored pucks for their team, the number that offer goal scored pucks from the visiting team is fewer.

In the current Steiner Auctions, there are a number of goal scored pucks from visiting teams to the New York Rangers including Toronto, Montreal, Florida, Carolina, New York Islanders, Washington with bids starting at $50.

If you have questions about any of the items before you bid, make sure you get an email into before the weekend!

Steiner Auctions Is Back With Brodeur and More!


Continuing from the previous auction at Steiner, their currently active auction that closes on Dec 11th includes more Brodeur and Keenan items.

We get to see more gloves, pads, skates, sticks, pants and even personal items from one of the best goalies ever in the NHL.

Keeping up with the amazing goalie theme, one amazing piece they have comes with a meet and greet from the owner of the item.  Henrik Lundqvist’s rookie year practice mask.  Owned by Lundqvist himself, the winner of the auction will not only get the mask he wore for practices during his rookie year, which he placed a camera inside to review and learn, but they will also receive the item, personally from Lundqvist.

This link will take you directly to the game worn hockey items.  Other notable lots to view are items for the Lundqvist foundation and awards.

One Day Left in Steiner Auctions


There is only one day left to bid on this round of Steiner Auctions.  In addition to the Martin Brodeur Collection, they also have the Mike Keenan Collection which includes awards, trophies, vehicles and other personal items belonging to Mike Keenan.

Some may ask why there are so many Mike Keenan items available, with such a broad range.  Each item in the Mike Keenan collection is accompanied by this message:

Mike’s daughter, Gayla, was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in 2011 at the age of 32. Ocular Melanoma is a rare cancer that affects about 2,000 people each year in the U.S. While treatments to eradicate the cancer from the eye are extremely effective, no treatments to prevent the cancer from spreading to other organs have been shown effective over the long term. Over 50% of ocular melanoma patients will eventually succumb to the disease. Please support Mike and his daughter in their fight to find treatments and an ultimate cure for this rare disease. A portion of the proceeds from this lot will be donated to CUREOM, a part of the Melanoma Research Foundation that funds research on ocular melanoma. Please visit their website here ( to learn more.

Good luck bidding!

Steiner Auction Spotlight: Mike Keenan’s Stanley Cup Trophy


Steiner Auctions currently has Mike Keenan’s 1993-94 Stanley Cup Award.  Upon winning the Stanley Cup, the staff and players receive their own Stanley Cup Trophy with the staff and player names etched on them.  It stands about 12″ tall.  This trophy is from Mike Keenan’s personal collection and was awarded to him as the coach of the 1993-94 New York Rangers.

There are many great players on the trophy from the last time the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup.  These names include: Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Kevin Lowe, Adam Graves, Steve Larmer, Glenn Anderson, Jeff Beukeboom, Greg Gilbert, Mike Hartman, Glenn Healy, Mike Hudson, A. Karpovtsev, Joe Kocur, Alexei Kovalev, Nick Kypreos, Doug Lidster, Stephane Matteau, Craig McTavish, Sergei Nemchinov, Brian Noonan, Eddie Olczyk, Mike Richter, Esa Tikkanen, Jay Wells, and Sergei Zubov.

Its not often that these awards become available, and most of the time its from other staffers such as trainers.  Player and coach awards seldom make their way into the public realm.


Final Day for the Steiner Auctions

49493a_medToday is the final day to bid in the Steiner Sports Buzzer Beater Hockey Classic Auction.  There are  Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe Signed Jerseys, over 25 game used jerseys including Henrik Lundqvist, Jaromir Jagr, and many postseason Ranger’s Jersey’s and sticks to bid on as well.  Check out the premier lots here.

Here is a link to view the entire auction.

Bidding closes tonight at 10PM ET.  The extended bidding begins at 10PM and the entire auction stays open for 15 minutes everytime a bid is placed.
Something to consider when bidding, the auction will read that its open until 10:15 and will show 15 minutes left to bid at 10PM, however, that is actually extended bidding, so if an initial bid is not placed prior to 10PM ET, it will not accept initial bids after 10PM ET eventhough it appears to still be open for bidding.