Field Report: Ohio State Equipment Sale

Line at the Ohio State Equipment Sale One Hour Before Opening

Neil Baron attended the 2015 Ohio State Equipment sale and provided with feedback and photos from the sale.  The line to the sale began forming on Friday in anticipation of the Saturday 8:00 AM opening.  Doors opened 30 minutes early and by 7:35 AM all the jerseys were gone!  Unfortunately, it did appear that all the hockey jerseys had the namebars on the back removed.

The $1500 football helmets were very popular items at the sale.  Our insiders did not happen to see any displays with the hockey helmets or any shoppers with hockey helmets in hand.

UPDATE:  At least 1 hockey jersey was reported to have the namebar left intact.  The jersey with a namebar belonged to a senior (McLean) with no remaining eligibility.  There have also been rumors that all the hockey helmets were pre-sold before the sale was open to the public.  Please also see for another brief summary.

Ohio State Changes Jersey Sales for 2015


Last year, the Ohio State Buckeyes sold their jerseys online in their online store and jerseys sold very quickly as they were listed.

This year, the Buckeyes are selling their jerseys at their equipment sale, Saturday April 18th.  In addition to hockey jerseys (home, away, and alternate), there will also be apparel from other sports as well, including football jerseys from the first national championship team and helmets.

For those of you interested in jerseys but not local to the area, you could try using the forum posting about this article to find someone local willing to help.

Ohio State University to Add Game Worn Jerseys to Store Today

Sometime today, OSU hockey will be placing their Scarlet set of game worn jerseys on their online store.  It appears the White jerseys from the 2013-14 season were listed last night, most sold very quickly.

In addition to 2013-14 White and Scarlet (being added today), there are some 2010-11 game ready jerseys and a series of practice jerseys available.  Keep checking back for availability of the Scarlet jerseys being released today.

Update, 11:25am EST:  The scarlet jerseys are now up!
Update, 11:30am EST: Only 9 left.
Update, 12:10pm EST: 7 Left.
Update, 1:00pm EST: 4 Left