Collector Interview: Jay Ruggiero

Today we had the opportunity to meet up with Jay Ruggiero at his home to do a collector interview which we recorded.  It was great to see Jay again after the Chicago expo.  Below are a few pictures of his man cave and jersey collection.  If you would like to reach out to Jay, he can be accessed on his facebook.

Collector Interview: Tom Coleman


There are so many collectors in the hobby posting on different mediums.  Some are more interactive while others enjoy reading and keeping their interactions to a minimum.  Whatever the case may be, its always great to get to know some of our fellow collectors out there.  Tom Coleman reached out to us, allowing us to ask him a few questions and show up his bendy closet rack. What do you do for a living.
Tom Coleman: I’m a Fedex courier in the northwestern suburbs of Baltimore. Kevin Plank founder and CEO of Under Armour is a regular customer.  

GW: What is your favorite beer?
TC:  In my 20’s it was Labatt Blue. In my 30’s Molson Canadien now in my 40’s Leinenkugels Summer Shandy.

GW: What is your favorite team?
TC:  I’m a die hard and I do mean I die hard Washington Capitals fan and when they existed a huge Baltimore Skipjacks fan.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
TC:  Ollie Kolzig among recent players was my favorite. Got to know him when he played in Baltimore and stuck with him throughout his career. Growing up I tended to like 4th liners, depth defenseman and backup goalies.

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?

Collector Interview: Ben Upshur


Almost everyone knows the rift between modern jersey collectors and vintage jersey collectors.  You may have seen posts between myself and Ben Upshur in the past bantering back and forth regarding the wear on modern jerseys against vintage jerseys.  We had an opportunity to get inside his head a bit and learn more about Ben. What do you do for a living
Ben Upshur: I manage e-commerce for a local small business.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
Ben: I haven’t had a drink in 3 years now, but when I was drinking honestly it was Miller Lite. Loved Jack Daniels and Jim Beam as well.

GW: What is your favorite team?
Ben: Philadelphia Flyers, started watching hockey heavily while I was living there and never left my blood.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
Ben: Current Player: Mark Streit
Past Player: I have a lot of guys that I loved the way they played, can’t pick just one!

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?

Collector Interview: John Mazzucca

image1 What do you do for a living?
John Mazzucca: My profession is in the medical field so right now I’m nurse aid in my local hospital.  

GW: What is your favorite beer?
JM: That’s a tough one for me because it honestly depends on my mood and where I am. I usually just get regular beer but if I had to pick a favorite Heineken is a favorite of mine. 

GW: What is your favorite team?
JM: Born and raised on Long Island so I have been New York Islanders fan since i was born. 

GW: Who is your favorite player?
JM: Well this is an easy question since everybody knows who I collect since I’ve been following him for a while now. Cal Clutterbuck. I have alot of his stuff. 

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?

Collector Interview: Anthony Chighisola (achighisola)


Anthony Chighisola is a name I keep seeing more and more as time moves on.  A collector who is ramping up his notoriety by participating in many discussions and activities that surround the hobby.  When I first saw his name, my first thought was, how the heck do you say that name… What do you do for a living?
Anthony Chighisola: Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Coordinator for a Catholic School in Massachusetts

GW: What is your favorite beer?
AC: I am not much of a beer drinker, and would prefer a Southern Comfort with Ginger Ale but will drink Sam Adams seasonal beers here and there. I also am a fan of Captain and Cokes.

GW: What is your favorite team? 
AC: I have always been a Boston Bruins fan and always will be even though the team has been testing me of late haha. My second team that I follow would be the Capitals because of Alexander Ovechkin.

GW: Who is your favorite player?

Collector Interview: Ed McEvoy (EdMcEvoy)


During our summer program, we would like to continue our collector interviews to allow more collectors to introduce themselves and others to learn more about each other. What do you do for a living?
Ed McEvoy: I Work for the US Dept. Of Veteran Affairs, I am an outreach specialist. I go into communities and to events seeking out combat Veterans, once contact is made I set them up for counseling services if needed and assist them with other benefits they may be entitled to.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
EM: Mexican Cake, by Westbrook Brewing Company (Mt. Pleasant South Carolina). Delicious Imperial Stout with a little heat from the Chile peppers they use.

GW: What is your favorite team?
EM: Born and bred Philadelphia Flyers fan, cut me open and you’ll see orange.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
EM: Ian Laperriere!! Ian played with so much heart and grit, a true warrior. Not only was he resilient, he gave back to the fans and was a favorite everywhere he played.

Collector Interview: Gareth Evans (lfcjari37)


One of the most interesting things about our hobby is how spread out we are among the globe.  There are hockey jersey collectors everywhere.  Coming out of New Zealand, meet Gareth Evans: What do you do for a living?
Gareth Evans: IT. Mainly maintenance and servicing of desktops/laptops/server etc.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
GE: Easy one this. I live in Taranaki, New Zealand and a local brewer makes an absolute nectar called Whisky Porter. Its like chocolate in a glass, fantastic stuff. You can find info on the brewery here :

GW: What is your favorite team?