Rewriting Goal Puck Tape

Some eagle-eyed collectors have recently noticed that goal pucks being sold by Fanatics all have the same hand writing, regardless of the venue.  This prompted some collectors to inquire how that could be the case.  After reaching out to some Fanatics representatives, it was discovered that after receiving the pucks, they rewrote and taped the pucks using one person’s hand writing for legibility.

This created a great conversation from collectors regarding the change or modification of the pucks after the end of the game.  Some expressed that they would like the original tape from the score box on the item and for legibility purposes, that an insert or sticker could be included with their item to keep all pieces in tact.  Others did not care about any modifications as long as the data was correct.


Some collectors even pointed out that other distributors include printed stickers with all the necessary information with the tape around the puck completely removed.  You can see this on the picture above that has tape residue still on the puck.

What are the most common practices that you prefer or do you envision something entirely new that you think would be more pleasing?