Game Worn Radio: 2017 Forecasts

Last night, we had our first show of 2017 at our new time, Monday at 9PM EST.  We will continue to do the show every other week so our next one will be on Jan 30.

This show, we talked about:

  • the ending Blues/Blackhawks Classic jerseys
  • Forecasting the future of the hobby
  • 2017 Expo and raffle prizes
  • Observances we have had surrounding our ever changing hobby

We had a lot of good comments from listeners during the show that we tried to address as we got time.  Next time, we will try to tackle some of the history of the hobby for newer collectors that are interested!

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Game Worn Radio: Jersey Acquisition

On last nights show, with gift giving right around the corner, we discussed the various places where collectors can purchase game worn jerseys (in the hopes that our friends and family are listening of course).  We covered the standard places, teams, distributors, auctions and even expanded to some lesser known possibilities.

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Game Worn Radio: Current Events

Our current events segment covered all the action in the past few weeks regarding auctions, distributor issues, new distribution outlets, more details regarding our 2017 Expo in Chicago.

Next time, we will talk about sources for game worn jerseys that you can share with your friends and family so they can find the perfect place to pick you up a jersey for the holidays!

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Game Worn Radio: Meeting Collectors 11/6/16

This week, we did not stream to Mixlr to see if it had any effect on our throughput speeds to our facebook stream.  It didnt, so we will be back on Mixlr in 2 weeks.

For this episode, we discussed meeting our fellow collectors and explained why its important to make an effort to meet one another throughout this hobby and the benefits associated with meeting collectors.

Game Worn Radio: Open Mic 10/9/16

Last night’s Game Worn Radio was declared open mic night so our panel could talk about anything they wanted.  It seems we finally have the kinks worked out from the video feed to allow for better buffering.

Some of the topics that were discussed were the current auctions at Steiner Sports with plenty of Martin Brodeur game used memorabilia and Mike Keenan items.

A discussion about the items that were auctioned off from the NHLPA.

Trying to avoid setting rules for posting on facebook groups.

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Game Worn Radio: Fanatics and World Cup of Hockey

This weeks episode tackled the presence of Fanatics being felt throughout the hobby through the distribution of the World Cup of Hockey Jerseys.

We accounted for a history of events regarding the sale of jerseys from fanatics and the discussed the varying pieces of information that collectors have heard or received regarding the jerseys. There was talk about what would have been better, what we viewed as being undesirable and finally the effects that may come in the future of the hobby.

Note: We are still working on dialing in our streaming bitrate with our data throughput so bare with us in the coming episodes.

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Game Worn Radio: Advice for New Collectors

This week we tried something a little different on Game Worn Radio.  We broadcast a video feed to Facebook Live.  We are still working out some technical issues here and there.  It will take a moment to master.  Skype, streaming to facebook, and streaming to mixlr takes quite a bit of bandwidth, so we are working on getting our hardware and connections perfected.

This week we talked advice for new collectors coming into the hobby.

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