Game Worn Radio: World Hockey Jerseys and Nick Viris

We had Nick Viris of Game Worn Hockey jerseys call in from Greece at 4am his time to talk about some o the things that happened in the old days of hockey jersey collecting with stories about equipment managers selling and pocketing cash.

We also discussed some of the issues people are seeing while working with world hockey jerseys and explored the difference and the tolerance required when working with people of different cultures.

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Nick Viris on Game Worn Radio 11/21

On November 21st, Nick Viris has asked to be a guest on the show.  Nick Viris runs World Hockey Jerseys that you may have seen on eBay on the account whj_canada.

Nick is planning to talk about his experiences he had working with hockey as an assistant trainer with Team Canada in the 90’s and collecting back then, where things were peddled by trainers and equipment staff out the back door, and some other good stories of back then.

Additionally, I am sure there will be some write in questions and discussion regarding the World Hockey Jerseys and sales.

If you would like to submit any questions to Nick or talk about the show, join us on the Game Worn Radio Facebook Group.

Game Worn Radio: Helping a Fellow Collector, Team Program Changes

Earlier in the day, a fellow collector listed a jersey for sale in order to raise money for his son’s headstone. The community saw this and created a GoFundMe campaign in order to help this collector with the costs instead of selling the jersey. The community kicked the campaign’s ass and the goal was beat very quickly.

The campaign creator was on the show to tell us about the conversation he had with the collector.

After discussing the campaign, we talked about a few other things going on in the hobby and among various teams.

Game Worn Radio: Adidas Practice Jerseys, VGK Offerings, Blues Hidden Gems

Trevor Gillies was at a fan meet and greet for his current team, so he was unable to attend.

On this episode, we discussed the new Adidas practice jerseys, Vegas Golden Knights inaugural jersey offerings and some St. Louis Blues news that was huge for a few collectors that were in on the information but a disappointment to those that missed out. $50 Paul Kariya Blues Jersey…Yea…


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Game Worn Radio: Trevor Gillies


On this episode of Game Worn Radio, we had Trevor Gillies join us.  You get a little bit of bonus footage from this broadcast.  The pre-show banter was so good, we started broadcasting before the show start time.

We had an awesome time talking to Trevor about his journey through the hockey system on his path to the NHL, the current state of the NHL and his role in hockey.  We had a moment to talk to him about the jerseys and equipment he has and recently sold.  He even gave us some inside tips on how other players can stock up a little bit on their own equipment by greasing equipment managers and staff.

Even after the show ended, we talked to Trevor for over an hour.  He had such a good time, he said he would drop in on other shows we have when he is not busy.  

Fun fact: Trevor fought 6 of the 8 groomsmen in his wedding.

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Game Worn Radio Hiatus


To best keep our avid listeners informed, Game Worn Radio will be taking a short hiatus from broadcasting this week as our host recovers from illness.  We will post our next broadcast once it is scheduled.  Thank you for listening!

Game Worn Radio: Guilt from Sales Reps, Name Dragging

We originally planned to have Mike Sgroi on however he was feeling under the weather and there was a hurricane coming so we had to reschedule.

Instead, we discussed some recent events that happened in the hobby which included a Fanatics sales rep that attempted to guilt a potential customer after the customer did not commit to a purchase after negotiations.

We also discussed an incident where a collector reported another as a bad seller/trader but offered no explanation after multiple requests to furnish more information.

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