Sneak Peak: Northeast Hockey Expo Review

As we work on our latest article for the 2017 Northeast Hockey Expo, we thought we would give you a little sneak peak.

In previous years, we have been asked not to cover the Northeast Hockey Expo.  It is generally a gathering reserved for collectors by invitation in Boston that focuses on collectors that contain a collegiate hockey focus.

Coming soon, we will have some great additional information regarding this annual exclusive event.

Matching Wear to the Moment

One of the most pain staking tasks some of our collectors engage in is tracking down specific artifacts of wear down to the specific event they happened.  For fight damage, such as the pictures above, this can be extremely easy.  However, for some of the most robust collectors out there, those marks can be tracked down to a specific shot on a goalie jersey or a slash on a player jersey.

For these more intricate artifacts of wear, collectors can go through hours of game footage to track down the specific moment.  Unfortunately, pictures do not always tell the tale.  

Why would someone do this?  After many hours of research, the collector can find great talking points and history behind the jersey.  Maybe that mark was made by a player who took a penalty that lost a game due to the power play goal?  Maybe the goal tender made an amazing save off a star player and it left a mark.  

Its not always about the jersey itself, or knowing a jersey was worn in a specific game, but showing a specific moment that has been frozen in time by the marks made on a jersey can paint a larger picture.

Panthers to Fanatics, Blues to Direct


That face you make when your team signs up with fanatics to sell their game worn equipment and jerseys.

Based on messages left by representatives within each organization, it has been identified that the St Louis Blues will begin to offer their game worn jerseys and equipment direct through a couple different mediums.

The Florida Panthers will now be represented by Fanatics who have acquired some of the previous year jerseys and equipment as well.

This comes as a relief to the St Louis Blues collectors who have voiced their displeasure about their interactions with fanatics.  We have yet to see how fanatics will be handling their new team moving forward.  Will they continue the same tactics they developed with the Blues?  We will know soon enough.

Collectors Can Be Hidden Anywhere


Recently, we had to go for a consultation to a lawyers office.  Upon entering the office, the first thing I noticed was a framed original 6 puck set with pictures.  Its not common you see hockey memorabilia in a setting like that, so it was very refreshing.

Since it was a partnership office, you never know who the pieces on display in an office can belong to.  Upon entering our lawyers office, the first thing you see is a large autographed lithograph similar to the one pictured above in a very nice frame.  On the sides were the LOA and the pictures of the players signing the lithograph.

Sometimes these can be one-off purchases, but once we spotted the Henrik Zetterberg hat trick goal puck set in another frame.  Before beginning to conduct our business, we had to talk about the team and our collections.  It was a great ice breaker.  Come to find out, he had jerseys in his collection that would be the centerpiece of many.

Collectors can be found in the most unexpected places.

Game Worn Exhibits Around the League


While the above picture isn’t necessarily a game worn exhibit, it is definitely a sight to see for any hockey fan.

Teams from around the league often have their own game worn exhibits in their arena.  Some are permanent fixtures, while others are rotated like the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Some are even supplied and set up by collectors for special events.

Not long ago, the Red Wings asked fans for donations or loans for displays to be created in the new Little Caesars Arena.  What are some of your favorite exhibits displayed by teams?

Has Anyone Seen a TOI Report from WCOH?


When the World Cup of Hockey jerseys were announced by Fanatics, one of the selling points that was claimed was the use of the ‘eye in the sky’ technology for tracking player locations and the ability to identify the time and duration specific jerseys were worn on the ice.  Collectors were told that this information would be available only upon request.

Are there any collectors out there that have made this request and received this report?  We would be interested in seeing the data that is available.

Free Agency Fun, Collector Interviews Resume, Game Worn Radio Delay


Free Agency

The NHL Free Agency period is always a fun time in our hobby.  Its a great time to observe various transactions that happen in the wave of team decisions.

When a team does not resign a player, you can often find a team collector trying to sell the jersey of that player.  If the player gets signed by another team, you might even see that jersey being sold getting purchased by a collector of the new team.

Free agency creates a layer of supply and demand between teams and players and entertainingly reflects the decisions made by the GMs in the NHL.

Collector Interviews Resume is continuing our summer trend to interview collectors from all over the world.  If you would like to join us on Skype to be interviewed, please contact us to schedule a time.  If you would prefer to keep your interview to a text-only format, we can accommodate as well.

Game Worn Radio Delay

Due to the holiday, Game Worn Radio will return on Tuesday, July 11th at 9PM.

Another Day, Another Cut Up

Its always a shame when we see a game worn jersey used to make a mark in an industry through its destruction. Any publicity is good publicity, right?  RIP 2015-16 Despres.

What do you think of the cut-up trend that has been increasing since the inception of game worn jersey cards from sports card manufacturers?