Game Worn Exhibits Around the League


While the above picture isn’t necessarily a game worn exhibit, it is definitely a sight to see for any hockey fan.

Teams from around the league often have their own game worn exhibits in their arena.  Some are permanent fixtures, while others are rotated like the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Some are even supplied and set up by collectors for special events.

Not long ago, the Red Wings asked fans for donations or loans for displays to be created in the new Little Caesars Arena.  What are some of your favorite exhibits displayed by teams?

Has Anyone Seen a TOI Report from WCOH?


When the World Cup of Hockey jerseys were announced by Fanatics, one of the selling points that was claimed was the use of the ‘eye in the sky’ technology for tracking player locations and the ability to identify the time and duration specific jerseys were worn on the ice.  Collectors were told that this information would be available only upon request.

Are there any collectors out there that have made this request and received this report?  We would be interested in seeing the data that is available.

Free Agency Fun, Collector Interviews Resume, Game Worn Radio Delay


Free Agency

The NHL Free Agency period is always a fun time in our hobby.  Its a great time to observe various transactions that happen in the wave of team decisions.

When a team does not resign a player, you can often find a team collector trying to sell the jersey of that player.  If the player gets signed by another team, you might even see that jersey being sold getting purchased by a collector of the new team.

Free agency creates a layer of supply and demand between teams and players and entertainingly reflects the decisions made by the GMs in the NHL.

Collector Interviews Resume is continuing our summer trend to interview collectors from all over the world.  If you would like to join us on Skype to be interviewed, please contact us to schedule a time.  If you would prefer to keep your interview to a text-only format, we can accommodate as well.

Game Worn Radio Delay

Due to the holiday, Game Worn Radio will return on Tuesday, July 11th at 9PM.

Another Day, Another Cut Up

Its always a shame when we see a game worn jersey used to make a mark in an industry through its destruction. Any publicity is good publicity, right?  RIP 2015-16 Despres.

What do you think of the cut-up trend that has been increasing since the inception of game worn jersey cards from sports card manufacturers?


Adidas Jersey Material and Technology Changes


With the reveal of the new Adidas jerseys, much focus has been placed on how team jerseys will change.  More stripes?  Less stripes?  Location of this and that.  We want to take a moment to talk about what in the model of the jersey is changing as a whole by piecing together information deduced by pictures and information releases.

Adidas claims that the jerseys will be lighter (up to 19% lighter than Reebok Edge 2.0) by using new materials in cresting and construction of the jersey.  They claim this will reduce crest weight by 46% and number weight will be reduced 60% by using a single layer perforated numbering system.  It still looks like for many teams, the numbers still have multiple layers as seen in the photo taken from the Winnipeg Jets display and are not necessarily perforated.


Now if we take a look back at the World Cup of Hockey jerseys, we can see the single layer perforated numbering system as seen in this Frolik Czech Republic jersey.  Does this mean that weight saving feature will not be a standard in the NHL?  Inspecting the photos for the team releases, we have only seen limited evidence of perforated numbers on NHL jerseys so this does not appear to be implemented league wide.

Adidas Hockey Jersey Teasers Trend on Twitter


In case you have been living under a rock the past couple days, Adidas has launched their social media campaign for the launch of their new jersey line for the NHL with the hashtag on twitter #FormTheFuture.

Unfortunately, even with all the shares, retweets, likes, etc, there hasnt been anything spectacular to report until this morning.  You will most likely be seeing these teasers until the announcement.  Every single team sharing the crest image is nothing you wouldnt already expect to see.

However, some teams have shown teasers this morning of the back branding logo which gives us a peak into some of the material going into the jerseys.


Some collectors have been reminded of the Reebok Edge 1.0 issues, and seeing some of the material from the back photos became curious what that material in the photos are.  Luckily, in the same photos, you can also see more breathable material surrounding the logos.  

Once thing is certain, their campaign is pretty successful so far at creating hype leading up to the reveal.  It appears the official reveal is June 20th.

MSU Garage Sale Pricing Plan

18766658_1753525537996069_7080000417381633666_oAmong the collegiate markets, when a team has a garage sale, its not uncommon for one or a few people to buy up everything of a specific amount of items in order to resell them later.  At the Michigan State University garage sale, they announced their strategy to combat this:


This lead to a series of staged discounts until all the big ticket items sold.

2 3 4

What do you think of this strategy?

Goal Scored Pucks Increasing Demand Increase Price


Within the past year or two, there as been a huge increase in the demand for goal scored pucks, which naturally have increased prices.  Items that once were looked at as more of a novelty and took time to sell now have waiting lists.

This year, we have seen an explosion of demand for goal scored pucks with prices ranging from $50 to $1,000 per puck.  There are dedicated groups to goal scored pucks and they continuously pop up on game worn jersey groups.

MeiGray has been auctioning them off consistently from their teams and special events can be found on NHL Auctions.  Some teams are not as easy to get.  It might take knowing an email address and emailing as soon as the goal happens.  Others might require physical presence at a store.

Not all teams engage in marketing and selling goal scored pucks but some teams throughout other leagues have begun to participate, such as the AHL and ECHL.  In previous years, many of these offerings were limited to special events such as all-star games.

What has been the driving force behind the popularity?  Is it the small size, easy for displaying?  Are people more interested in buying them as others display their top end goal scorers?  Its the increase in availability a by-product of the demand or is it a driving force that creates awareness?  How long will this trend last?