Updating Our Jersey Distributors

20131231_182820As the seasons for all the leagues come to a close, end of the year sales will become publicized.  There will be many collectors from all over the world looking to get jerseys from some of your local teams.

In an effort to everyone in the hobby, we have been identifying the websites and locations that the teams from many leagues sell their jerseys.  Our list is not complete, and could also be out of date as information can change year to year.  As the teams in your area start to broadcast where they will be selling their jerseys, please keep us updated here as well so other we can share this information with other collectors.

Simply visit our Distributors Page to see if we have your team on the list.  If we do, check the link to make sure it is still the correct location.  If not, please post on our forum, identifying the avenue that the team is selling their jerseys.  Thank you for being a part of our community at GameWorn.us