Stanley Cup Finals: Steiner. MeiGray.


With both the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals, we thought it might be a good read to have a little fun with the distributors for those respective teams.  Remember, this is just for fun.  No need to drop the mitts.

Challenge: Create your own box score for a Steiner vs MeiGray match up.

Scoring Summary:

1st Period    
5:10 – MG PPG: Authentication and Tracking 1-0 MG
2nd Period    
6:28 – MG Collector Relations 2-0 MG
3rd Period    
15:22 – MG Discounted and Negotiable Sales 3-0 MG

Penalty Summary:

1st Period  
4:53 – SS Authentication and Tracking
2nd Period  
10:10 – SS Too Many Jerseys for the Year
3rd Period  

Note:  These opinions are not necessarily the opinions of but taken as examples from the opinions of our members.