Special Events and Special Circumstances


When it comes to special event jerseys in the NHL, collectors generally have a good idea of what happens with the jerseys.  Three jerseys are worn, one per period, with one jersey going to the player, one to the team and one to the NHL.  What is not always known are the special circumstances involving some of the jerseys.

This year, many collectors noticed that from various teams, a number of players were not available through the auctions on the NHL website.  This can be because the NHL has other requirements to its partners, and those jersey may fulfill those requirements.  Additionally, we have seen some of the team sets sent to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

This creates a very interesting case in regards to availability.  Collectors anticipate 2 jerseys of each player to be available for each event.  When one source of the jersey comes up empty, there is usually a backup option.  This can also get more interesting when teams sell packages, such as jerseys included with the rest of the gear.  Some collectors end up opting for the auctions instead of the team set to avoid their lack of interest in the gear, however, when the player they would like is not available on the auctions, they are limited to however the team sells the jersey.