Shipping Internationally: Best Practices

Upon their first internationally deal, many collectors look for suggestions or recommendations when shipping internationally.  Shipping costs and security are among the major concerns.


What I have found when it comes to pricing for international shipping, is for smaller and lighter weight boxes (1-4 jerseys), USPS priority shipping tends to be the least expensive.  Generally, you can expect a medium flat rate box to run $60 with additional costs for insurance.  If you can fit your items in a smaller package and would prefer a lesser method of shipping, items can be send for $30 via first class mail, however, I can’t recall first class mail being insurable.

For larger packages, I have heard that UPS is the best shipping method with rates dependent on destination and weight.


When shipping internationally, it is always best practice to declare the actual value on your customs forms, track your package (included with priority shipping via USPS), and insure your package for the actual value.  In addition, I also recommend keeping receipts, and photographic the contents of your package.  For the even more paranoid, feel free to record a video of sealing your package and adhering the shipping label to the package.

Sometimes, the receiver will make a specific request on how to send a package to them.  In this instance, they may have a request that lowers the safety of your package reaching them.  If you find yourself in this situation, you can choose to ship in a method you feel safe with, putting the liability on you and also risking the completion of the deal, or you can ship how the receiver requests but I would strongly recommend that you explicitly declare that you will refuse liability of the shipment in the event something does not go as planned.

What are some of your good or bad experiences with shipping internationally?