Review: 2015 San Jose Sharks Equipment Sale. WOW!


Here is our first look at the San Jose Sharks sale from this morning.  As you can see, the sale was presented in an even better manner than in previous years!  Impressive!

2014-15 Game Worn Jersey Information:
-2 sets of white jerseys
-1 set of teal jerseys
-1 set of black jerseys
-3 jerseys at the Stadium Series game (1 period wonders are being sold as bundles)
-1 set of new alternate jerseys based on the stadium series design (worn for 2 games)
-stadium series practice jerseys
There are some exceptions to the above, but that is what they tried to follow.
Nabokov will be there on Saturday.
Prospect tournament jerseys from this past fall (2014) are on sale since the Sharks are removing the numbers from the front of the jerseys next year and can not re-use the prospect jerseys.

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