Review: 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Convention

ct-blackhawks-convention-2015-20150717-023The 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Convention was a weekend long event that fans were able to attend which many different displays and events to keep everyone busy for the weekend.

There were various times throughout the day in which fans and collectors could bid on game used jerseys and equipment and there were also tables set up in which some of the items were able to be purchased.

Fans in attendance could check out the mock locker room that had game used gloves, helmets and equipment bags in the stalls.  The Toews game worn jersey displayed in the exhibit was placed behind glass.  There were also autograph signings and the trophy display which made for good photo opportunities.

The Hockey Hall of Fame had an exhibit set up where fans could see various pieces of Blackhawks history.

One of our collectors writes in to describe the event:

We arrived around 9:30 am on Friday to check in to the Hotel in which there were already people in line to receive their convention passes and goodie bags in the main registration area which opened at noon. Meanwhile another line was already forming for people wanting to get in to the opening ceremony which was slated to start at 5 pm that day. Passes were $85 if you bought them from Ticketmaster or 2 passes were part of the room package if you chose to go that route and booked a room. Additional passes were discounted depending on how many days you stayed.

Unlike what the convention book and signs said, the doors opened for the locker room sale / auction area at 12:30 pm. I believe this may have caught many people off guard, especially those who wait to come at the last minute in the hopes of getting a chance at the Blackhawks jersey grab bags/boxes. These items typically sell out quite fast, so being towards the front of the line is important.

The usual collectors were in attendance at the convention again this year. I had the opportunity to meet a few other collectors that I knew online, and finally got to put a face w/the ‘online name’.

As with the past conventions, there were various discussion panels from both Blackhawks and minor league players (Rockford Icehogs), coaches, and staff. There were also interactive activities for children and adults including a new area that was setup like the NHL Combine.

The HHOF setup a nice display of the various trophies in which Phil Pritchard was in attendance to guard the Stanley Cup along with the other trophies. The display also included various game worn and game used Chicago Blackhawks items.

As for the locker room sale, the process was the same from previous years. Each day there was a live auction in which various game worn or game used items were sold from current or previous seasons. Near the end of each day, the silent auction ends. No (unused) pro-stock equipment sticks or equipment were sold. As for items sold via a ‘buy it now price’, there were necklaces with a pendant made from hockey skate blade steel w/the players number etched on to them, misc. hardware or stickers in canister jars made up like a baking jar w/an ‘ingredient’ tag, and finally practice jerseys (red or black) were sold via a ‘buy it now price’.

As we get more collectors input that were in attendance, hopefully we will get to see what some of them thought of this years convention and the prices at the sale and auctions.

Thank you to our collectors who were able to attend and send information!