Red Wings Equipment Sale 2017: Pay for Patchwork


The Setup
This year at the Detroit Red Wings sale, season ticket holders were able to enter at 10am and the general public entered at 11am with phone orders starting at 2pm.  In order to enter early, season ticket holders had to rsvp through a link in their email using ONLY the account holders name and only that person would be allowed in. (If you pay for 4 seats, you still only have one entry, the account holder).  In line, season ticket holder IDs would be matched against the RSVP list and then wrist banded.

One large change to the sale this year was the limitation of one current year jersey per person.  If you wanted another after paying, you would have to leave the store and get back in the general public line, this included season ticket holders.  If you caught our discussion on our Game Worn Radio facebook stream, I anticipated that this would allow me to arrive later in the day than usual.

The Timing
I showed up shortly after 8am and ended up being about 8th in line for the general public.  There were about 5 season ticket holders there.  Of the 12 people there, I was already familiar with 8 of them as we have all talked about the sale prior and we generally knew what everyone else wanted.  It seemed the perfect time to arrive.

At about 9am, our numbers doubled and at 9:30am, there were about 20 season ticket holders and 15 general public.  At door swing for the ticket holders, there were about 50 season tickets holders getting let in the door, 25 at a time.  By the time the general public were allowed in, there were only a couple season ticket holders waiting to check out, the store was empty.

The Stuff
There were about 3 tables of skates, 5 or 6 pairs of gloves, a bin of various bags (team stick, team skate, and player equipment), used visors, socks, 2 bins of pants (GI/Practice used Centennial Classic and some regular season) and jerseys.  There was an entire rack of practice jerseys.  These jerseys had the farewell season at the joe patch affixed to the shoulder.  Player is unidentifiable.  


Finally, the team wore 2 full sets of jerseys this year, switching around the All-Star break.  Every jersey this year would have the “9” patch affixed to the chest for Gordie Howe.  


The set 1 white would include the league wide “100” patch affixed to the sleeve.  Some players throughout each set would have an exception.


Lastly, the “Mr. I” patch for the Red Wings owner Mike Illitch would be affixed to the red set 2 and white set 2 jerseys.  The red set 2 jerseys were not available at the sale as they were archived.


Each jersey from the 2016-17 season would have the farewell season at the joe logo screened along with the set tagging.

This year it was shared that a higher number of players than in previous years opted to purchase their jerseys before the sale including, Svechnikov.

While the entire red set 2 was archived, select jerseys throughout other sets would be chosen to be archived as well including Glendening’s red set 1 and Green’s white set 2 among others.

The Pricing
Pricing info based on what was observed (with recollection) or shared among those present.

$1,000 – $4,000: white set 2.  Ott, Sproul – Zetterberg
$3,500 – Mantha white set 2.
$3,250 – Larkin white set 2
$1,500 – Glendening white set 2
$800-900 – Baseline set 1’s
$650 – Helm set 1
$800 – Green red set 1
$850 – Green white set 1
$900 – Glendening white set 1
$2,250 – Larkin set 1
$2,000 – Kronwall Centennial Classic Set
$850 – Larkin gloves
$199 – Practice jerseys
$200 – $500 Skates
$55 – Locker room shoes
$65 – Warm up sweatshirts
$50 – $300 Sticks
$600 – 15-16 Nyquist white w/ HHOF patch
$300 – Jurco / Helm Stadium Series jersey only

The picture we are trying to paint for you regarding pricing is that it was much higher than in previous years and to show the projected value based on comparable players (Mantha over Larkin).

The Story
Overall, even with the changes this year it was a good experience.  Generally in line, its a move your feet, lose your seat situation but everyone there seemed very understanding of the need to walk around and chat with people you knew.  Talking about playing with some people helped kill the time as well.

As I had anticipated from the 1 jersey per person rule, arriving at 8am was sufficient, even a bit unnecessary.  Unless you were there for the jersey that would be wanted the most, there wasnt too much of a need to be first in line.

While watching the season ticket holders making their selections through the window, you could see a large number of them humming and hawing at the jerseys, most likely due to the prices.  Many jerseys were picked up and shortly put down later.  Most of the season ticket holders were leaving with sticks and practice jerseys.

By the time the general public line started entering the store, it looked as if few of the set 1 jerseys sold.  There were a little more than half of the set 2 white jerseys remaining but the practice jersey rack was thinned out pretty good.  Most of the interesting bags were sold like the team skate bag and the team stick bag and only a few of the handful of gloves remained.

Some of the most interesting or appealing things were not even play associated.  Warm-up pull over sweatshirts from the players were available, each with the players number screened on the chest.  There was also a large table of shoes in various sizes.  Other notable items included last year’s Datsyuk jerseys, marked down from $12,000 to $3,000.  There were some game issued stadium series jerseys and centennial classic sets at varying prices.  This year, there were plenty of jerseys to choose from when phone orders opened up at 2pm.  Probably the most easy going sale in the past handful of years.