Recommended Practices for Jersey Racks

As different collectors ask about how jerseys are best stored on racks, many sets of pictures come out from other collectors showing various setups.  Pictured above is a set of pictures from Bert Woods which you will notice are on racks that are stand-alone (not as fixtures).

This is a common practice and as Johnson’s Jerseys puts it:

Anything you can utilize that is free standing, your home will thank you for later. Most standard closet bars and fastening hardware isn’t designed to handle the weight that a packed bar full of jerseys can produce. If you assume a jersey weighs about 1.5 lbs and is 1/2″ wide, your 36″ wide closet bar will be loaded up with well in excess of 100 lbs. Jerseys might not seem heavy when you are handling them one at a time, but grab a fist full of them on hangers and you’re in for a workout. They weigh slightly more than your typical button down long sleeve shirt…


As we see more pictures, like nascar3dethe shape and design of the racks we see can vary and even have a more finished look.  Packed or unpacked, it is still possible to have a clean display.

thunderfist51 shows off his handwork on the rack he fit inside a closet:

Pics of the rack (loaded and unloaded) I fit into the closet in my office. Took sliding doors off. Built rack with 1/2 inch steel pipe from home depot that has threaded ends and used 45 degree angle and straight female threaded joiners to hold it all together. Ran about $75 when all was said and done. I could have gone wider had the A/C ducts not been built to go through the closets in the house but as you can see I was able to get a whole mess of jerseys in there. Not sure of the current count but it’s over 150. Not pictured is the shower rod I used at the very top to hang a black nylon shower curtain in front of it.


Even the heavy duty racks like what Mitch Amaya uses are great and can hold a large number of jerseys.  This rack is an industrial Z-rack which can hold up to 400 lbs, great for a large number of jerseys, and even comes with rotating wheels allowing for mobility.

You can keep an eye on our jersey rack thread to see even more collections on our forum.