Player Collecting. Why?

There are many different types of game worn jersey collectors out there.  Some collect teams.  Some collect styles.  Some collect vintage.  What I would like to talk to you about today is player collectors.

Player collectors focus their collection, or at least a part of their collection on a specific player trying to obtain each jersey that player has worn either in the NHL or throughout their career.  This can be a difficult task as this objective may cross paths with other collectors.  Additionally, this limits the availability of the jerseys one can put in the collection, especially if that collector is targeting all jerseys from that player.

Why do some collectors choose to collect specific players?  Each person’s reason is different.  For some, that reason is from following that player in their childhood, or seeing something spectacular while attending a game.

Its no secret that I am a player collector myself.  Many people are aware that I collect Luke Glendening.  I collect Luke Glendening jerseys because of the player that he is and the history behind that.

My first introduction to his play was when he played in Toledo for the Toledo Walleye.  It was easy to identify the hard work he put into every play, working corners and coming out with the puck, making plays possible.  You could really see him working harder than all of the other players on the ice.

His play made me research what his story was to bring him to the Walleye.  He had been an undrafted walk-on at the University of Michigan whose hard work lead him to a two time captaincy and a minor league contract with the Grand Rapids Griffins putting him in Toledo.

I collect his jerseys because he demonstrates qualities I would want to encourage my (future) children to practice and his story is a true and real example of how hard work can make dreams happen.  He is a true role model for young people, not only in the sport but as an outlook on life.

To all the other player collectors out there:  Who do you collect and why?