Player Collecting Spotlight: Kevan Miller and Ryan Spooner

kevan-b-dayTessa McAndrews is a Sophomore in High School who writes for the school newspaper and is on the Gymnastics team. Most likely the youngest collector in the hobby, she wants to be a sideline reporter for the Bruins and hope to go to Boston University or Emerson College.

About two years ago, I got my first ever game worn jersey when I was 13. It was Kevan Miller’s from the Providence Bruins. Kevan is my favorite NHL player, so it was a surreal feeling to be able to wear a jersey that he wore during a game. A few months later, my dad surprised me with a David Pastrnak and a Dougie Hamilton jersey. This began a hobby that I didn’t know existed.
Over the years, I have actually been lucky enough to get to know two of my favorite players, Kevan Miller and Ryan Spooner. My favorite thing about getting a new jersey is being able to show the player because they tend to have a memory specific to that jersey. When I brought Kevan Miller his first NHL goal jersey to show him, we talked about that goal and the game in general. It is a special thing to be able to share that kind of memory with a pro hockey player.
The main jerseys I collect are Miller’s and Spooner’s. I have 3 Millers, a Providence Bruins, a Boston Bruins, and a UVM Captain jersey. Those are the only three teams that Kevan has played for, so it is unique to have one from every team.

I also have a jersey from each team Spooner played for, with the exception of Boston. I have 2 Peterborough Petes, A Kingston Frontenacs, A Providence Bruins, and a Sarnia sting.
The other players that I collect are anyone who plays for the Bruins, because they’re my hometown team and I am a huge fan. I typically like to get jerseys that are non-Bruins ones(for example international teams and OHL teams), because I think that they’re more unique and harder to find.

My jersey’s are really special to me because they’re all extremely unique, and I’m the only person who has that specific jersey. It’s a lot of fun to see the different ways that players react to seeing their old jerseys. Also, it’s such a great feeling to be searching for a specific jersey and finally find it. I spent over a year searching for a Spooner Sarnia Sting, and now that I have it that jersey means the world to me.