Player Collecting Spotlight: Cal Clutterbuck

John Mazzucca writes in to tell us about his Cal Clutterbuck collection:

In 2013 I started collecting game worn jerseys, little did i know that later I would be collecting a player that I didn’t get to watch very often, but when I did I loved it.  The style, the hits, the trash talking. I was hooked the last name was an interesting one. “Clutterbuck”. I know most people laugh at the name but I’ve found it to be one of the more interesting names in the NHL and he rocks a mustache pretty good.

Over the last four years, since Cal Clutterbuck has been with the New York Islanders, I have been able to meet him a few times and I guess in a way he knows me by now because of the jerseys. The first time I ever got to meet him in person was on April 8, 2014. I have to give props to my girlfriend who decided it would be a good idea to win his ‘off the back’ jersey. When I found out it was going to happen, I didn’t know how to react and had no idea what jersey to wear! I went back and forth between a few then decided on his Houston Areos jersey.

It was his last ever minor league jersey before he was a full time NHLer. That night, we got to the game and what do you know, he scores a goal and I will be on the ice getting that jersey. Finally I am out on the ice, nervous, sweating and didn’t know what to say. He skates over with this look on his, I want to say confused looking face, and I’m like “Hey Cal”.  He looks at me, more or less the jersey, and shakes my hand and said to me “Where did you get that”.  I laughed and told him it took sometime to find one and told him I collect his stuff. He laughed we talked for what felt like forever, but was only about 3 minutes. I took some pictures he handed me his jersey and stick and that was that. I felt so amazing at how he treated me that night that I was proud to own his stuff.

I met Cal again at a fan event and I brought out his 1st goal jersey to show him. Mind you this was at like 830-9am, I am still pretty positive to this day he was still sleeping but understood it after he took a sip of his coffee again. I waited in line ‘I was first in line’.  He came out and I put it on the table and was mesmerized by the jersey as I told him what it was. He smiled and laughed and I asked him about his first NHL goal and  a few questions about everything, even his first fight.

He actually scored his 1st & 2nd goals in that game and told me it was definitely a amazing experience. The way everything went that day was perfect and again treated me great. A nupdate to how it has been since we have talked and met about 3 more times since and he has always positive with a smile on. My girlfriend met up with Cal in the beginning of the season and actually remembered her because of our interactions.  If that isn’t cool I have no idea what is.

I picked to collect this player because of his style of play at first, but after meeting him so many times I gained more respect for him and in a way, got to know him. I feel like a total child as I write this but to have a bond, share experiences, and create memories with one of your favorite professional athletes is an amazing feeling. Since I started collecting jerseys I am so proud to be in a hobby with so many people and to share stories like this. I have made friends who are great people and I am proud of it. These are the stories that make this hobby worth it in the long run.

I am still collecting Cal’s to this day and will continue. I have decided to start collecting other teams and players but Cal will always be the number one player.