Player Collecting Spotlight: Brian McGrattan

001Brent Cover writes in to let us know about his player collection of Brian McGrattan:

I’ve been an enforcer collector for the last 20 years, collecting jerseys, sticks, gloves and helmets of hundreds of different enforcers.  Dave Semenko. Dave Brown. Bob Probert. Tony Twist. Georges Laraque. Derek Boogaard. Brian McGrattan. Guys that all wore the unofficial crown of NHL heavyweight champion at some point in their career.

Sadly, this type of player has now been forced out of the game and only a few scattered fighters remain – the last of the true heavyweight enforcers who was recognized as champion was McGrattan. He was the last of his kind and we will probably never see another.  This is why it was so important to me to collect McGrattan and I’ve been able to amass a collection of jerseys from his many stops in both the NHL as well as the AHL, acquiring at least one jersey from almost the majority of the NHL organizations for which he played.

2000-2001 Los Angeles Kings PS home – as a 19-year old, he played the preseason with the Kings before spending the remainder of the year in Mississauga.

2002-2003 Binghamton Senators home with nice fight damage to the neck.

2006-2007 Ottawa Senators 3rd with neck repairs and a shortened fight strap.

2008-2009 Phoenix Coyotes PS home with popped stitching to the neck.

2009-2010 Calgary Flames Retro 3rd (#10) with Calgary 30th anniversary patch and a shortened fight strap added to the front of the jersey.

2010-2011 Providence Bruins road with AHL 75th anniversary patch and a skate lace fight strap added in front, attached near the neck.

2012-2013 Nashville Predators home with a shortened fight strap added to the front of the jersey.

2012-2013 Calgary Flames home (#16) with a shortened rear fight strap and an additional fight strap added to the front of the jersey.

I’ve also attached pics of his game used stick from his Binghamton days, his game used helmet from his Ottawa Senators days and his game used mitts from his time with the Coyotes – the mitts have his nickname “Big Ern” on the cuff.