Photo/Video Matching Service

Photo/Video matching can be one of the most gratifying experiences in our hobby.  It can be time consuming and also require the use of key resources to accomplish.  Not all jerseys can be matched but a second look is always helpful as new artifacts can be discovered on jerseys at a closer look. strives to help you discover media matches to your jerseys at different levels, such as wear, placement, threading etc.  As the research on matching can be time consuming, this service is being offered at varying rates pending the year and artifacts on the jersey you would like to match.


2006 – Present

Service Charge: $10
Deposit: $5
Additional Matches: $5 per match (Count and scope set by submitter)
[Scope describes details of additional matches. Ex: Matches must be from different games.]

Prior to 2006

Service Charge: $30
Deposit: $10
Additional Matches: $10 per match (Count set by submitter)
[Scope describes details of additional matches. Ex: Matches must be from different games.]


2006 – Present

Single Clip (Once a match is found, the search is complete)
Service Charge: $10
Deposit: $5

Game Clip (Compilation of all matches in a game if applicable)
Service Charge: $20
Deposit: $5
Minimum 2 otherwise service automatically reverts to single clip.

Season Clip (All available games are reviewed from jersey period)
Service Charge: $100
Deposit: $15 (Total)
Deposit starts at $15 to start the service.  After the first match is found, an additional $10 deposit will be required to continue season matching, else this reverts to single clip.

Prior to 2006

Single Clip
Service Charge: $75
Deposit: $15

Explanation of Charges, Schedule and Terms

The service charge involved with matching covers the time necessary to seek out possible media matches, not necessarily acquire the media.  Any additional charge to acquire media will be presented to the collector prior to acquisition and to be paid by the collector.  The initial charge covers only the service.

Not all jerseys can be matched successfully.  This is based on availability of media as well as artifacts present on the jersey.  Detailed photographs maybe be requested throughout the execution of the service and is the responsibility of the owner to respond in a timely fashion with requests.

A deposit may be required in order to begin the service.  This covers the initial search of the search for media.  If matches are unable to be found or are inconclusive, a report will be filed to jersey owner describing the resources used or lack of media available, however the case may still remain open.  The deposit will not be refunded.

In some cases, a review of the jersey before the research begins, may show a low probability of potentially finding a match.  This is determined by and is at the discresion of  In the case of a declined search, the deposit will be returned.

Due to the time consuming nature of this service, there may be a waiting list.  You will be contacted to pay a deposit in a timely fashion once your request has been reviewed.  If the deposit is not paid in 3 days after initial contact, your request may be revisited at a later date or resubmitted.

Payments for this service are for the service alone, not the media. is not responsible for the acquisition or distribution of copy written material and all media acquired through the process is assumed through the Fair Use Act (Section 504(c)(2), Title 17 of the U.S. Code).

Include your contact information, details of the jersey, and short description of artifacts.

Example of what a match could look like: