Photomatching Media Options

Hodson Card 20140925_162712
There are many different types of media that you can use to photomatch your jerseys against.  The most common is a photographers photo from the team, internet, or attempting to find a match on photo service websites such as Getty Images or AP Images.

Some of our very resourceful members have found other ways to photomatch their jerseys with media such as game video, hockey cards, souvenir cups, programs, etc.  These matches take much more research, but are awesome when you find results!

Share with us your “Win” story on photomatching your jersey to uncommon media!
(Pictured above: 1997-98 Kevin Hodson 2nd Set 2, photomatched to hockey card)

One of our eagle eyed collectors shared his story on this jersey: 2012-13 Chris Kunitz
While watching the game, he took a picture of the freeze frame from his TV prior to actually purchasing the jersey.  That is thinking ahead!