Jersey Photomatchers: Getty Images Free to Use

Getty Images has decided to change the way the allow customers to use their images.  Citing social sharing, they are now including the availability to embed your selected image directly into pages or share them on social media, as long as you keep their footer at the bottom of the image.

This allows you to view and share photos without the Getty Images watermark placed on the photo, that the company openly admits was previously simple to obtain anyway.  What this means for us is the free and fast use and sharing of photographs, helping us to find jersey photomatches and share the images.

The embed code allows you to resize the image according to your specific use (we halved the sizing to fit our article in this example) and the image that appears without a watermark can still be right-clicked and saved.

While you are browsing the different images Getty has to offer, you will notice different icons at the bottom of the hover and pop out previews.
Hover over preview with sharing disabled

Hover over preview

Pop up preview

The first image shows a picture that is not allowed to be shared.  For the other pictures,we have highlighted the tools that indicated the sharing/embed feature is enabled and where you can click to share.

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