A Case For Doing Your Own Research

As you engage more in the hobby, you will start to see more collectors advising that research is far more important than an LOA.  Some collectors will go even further to say that an LOA is worth nothing.  This is a case where research is paramount.

Recently, our partner, the Syracuse Crunch, sent us a handful of jerseys to make available to collectors.  To our surprise, there was a Jonathan Drouin jersey in the mix.  Since this jersey would not have come from the most recent year, the information for the jersey would be hard to remember and piece together.  After giving the jersey a quick look over and not seeing any obvious wear, it was assumed to be game issued.

Once we inspected the jersey, we did in fact find wear.  There were burn marks on one of the sleeves and some faint rub on the lower front of the jersey.  The jersey definitely showed evidence of wear, so the research begins.

ECHL Team Offers 17 Jerseys, Line Starts 12+ Hours Prior

ToledoWalleye2014003The Toledo Walleye are offering 17 game worn jerseys starting at 11am Saturday, August 12th.  7 White jerseys and 10 Black jerseys.  To see the list, click here.  Jerseys are one per person.

Reports are coming in from social media that the line started on Friday at 9PM.  As of 5AM Saturday, there were 6 people.  Reports are that the first person in line is after the Jeff Lerg and the next person wants the Tyson Spink.

12+ Hours to wait to get your single selection of an ECHL team’s jersey.  What do you think?

Game Worn Radio: Protecting Your Collection and Game Issue Values

On this episode we talked about the measures we take when protecting our collection from fire, water, and theft. What would you do if you lost everything? Would you rebuild?

We also discussed the varying values of game issued jerseys.

Audio Only:

New Inventory of Syracuse Crunch Jerseys

Did you get what you wanted from the Syracuse Crunch 2016-17 Game Worn Jersey Auction?  If not, we have you covered.  Here is a sneak preview of what we will be listing on our website soon.  Cant wait til it gets listed to purchase?  Contact us.