Game Worn Radio: August 9th and 23rd Scheduled


Our August 9th show is set for 10PM EST and the topics are:

  • The Grail Controversy
  • Social Media in the Hobby

To reserve a spot, post on the thread.  NOTE:  There is a chance that this could get cancelled.  Our host of the show has a baby due anytime.

Our August 23rd show is set for 10PM EST and we will be talking to a special guest:

  • Jeff Lerg

Jeff Lerg is the goaltender for the Toledo Walleye who had a breakout season last year to lift the Walleye to their best season in existence winning the Brabham Cup in the ECHL.  We will be talking to Jeff about any memorabilia he likes to keep around, what he thinks of the auctions he has been at to auction off his own jerseys, and any questions you may submit.  To reserve a spot, post on the thread.  Spots will be limited.

To start preliminary talks prior to the show about any of our upcoming topics, join the facebook group for the radio show.



Mestery Raffle to Support

To help support and keep the site running, our founder has donated a 2009-10 Eric Mestery Washington Capitals White Set 1 Training Camp jersey for us to raffle off.

Raffle tickets are $2.50 each purchasable through paypal.  Alternate payment methods can be arranged.  Winner will be contacted by email and will be shipped the jersey upon receipt of the mailing address.  Even if you did not win, your raffle ticket purchase will be supporting the operations

Tickets can be purchase until the close of the raffle September 1st.  The exact end date will remain a Mestery.


We have decided to put a little twist on the raffle:

Somewhere, anywhere on the website we will be putting a Mestery box graphic that links to discounted raffle tickets, the discount amount is a Mestery.  At any point in time throughout the raffle, the Mestery box can jump locations and can change discount amounts.

Social Media’s Place in the Hobby

FBMany collectors in the hobby use Facebook.  It can be a very convenient tool to network and stay in touch with friends among the hobby, share photos and engage in conversation.  It can be done from your computer or your mobile device and these devices can alert you when any activity happens on anything you put up, but when does this convenience over shadow the value of other services?

Currently, some of the problems I am facing while using Facebook as a tool for the hobby include:

  • Searching
  • Organization of information
  • Scroll length
  • Topic visibility
  • Group count
  • Group repetition

Now, I am not saying Facebook does not have it’s place in our hobby, but should it really be our go-to medium?

Game Worn Radio: Meigray Expo and Blackhawks Convention


The Meigray Expo and the Blackhawks Convention happened last week allowed us to get a couple callers on the show that attended these shows.  There were highlights and lowlights, favorite moments, and comparisons discussed from each event.

Derek Whitwer showed us just how easy calling into the show can be, using Skype for his first time.

At the end, we reserved some time for some shameless plugs (personal announcements) that the collectors who called in wanted to make.

We originally scheduled this show to start at 8PM EST, but with no callers scheduled for that time slot, we pushed the show back to original time at 10PM EST.  The next show is Sunday, August 9th at 10PM EST (Provided that our host does not have a newborn yet).   The topic will be decided later in the week.

Game Worn Radio can be followed on our forums and on Facebook.

Review: 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Convention

ct-blackhawks-convention-2015-20150717-023The 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Convention was a weekend long event that fans were able to attend which many different displays and events to keep everyone busy for the weekend.

There were various times throughout the day in which fans and collectors could bid on game used jerseys and equipment and there were also tables set up in which some of the items were able to be purchased.

Fans in attendance could check out the mock locker room that had game used gloves, helmets and