Game Worn Hockey Auction on Facebook

12079421_10100604369073418_7530139851808957377_nOn Facebook, you can find a group called “Hotel Company Auction Supporting ‘No Marine Stands Alone’ Foundation” which is currently auctioning off 85 items to raise money for “No Marine Stands Alone” with items ranging from clothing, to jerseys and gear, to game tickets.

The auction runs until October 25th, at 10PM EST and you place your bid via a comment on the item you would like.  To make things easy for you, we have acquired the list of items available and we recommend using the search function in the group to find the item you would like to place your bid.Capture

Item 1: Detroit Red Wings BBQ Set w/ Icescraper
Item 2: West Michigan Whitecaps Gift Set
Item 3: Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees Game Jersey
Item 4: Penn State University Game Jersey

Collector Interview: Gareth Evans (lfcjari37)


One of the most interesting things about our hobby is how spread out we are among the globe.  There are hockey jersey collectors everywhere.  Coming out of New Zealand, meet Gareth Evans: What do you do for a living?
Gareth Evans: IT. Mainly maintenance and servicing of desktops/laptops/server etc.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
GE: Easy one this. I live in Taranaki, New Zealand and a local brewer makes an absolute nectar called Whisky Porter. Its like chocolate in a glass, fantastic stuff. You can find info on the brewery here :

GW: What is your favorite team?

Card Specific Sets


Some of our eagle eyed collectors have discovered on eBay that card companies are beginning to be given “Upper Deck” sets or sets dedicated specifically to card companies for destruction.  You can see the indication of this special set using the reference below of a regular set.800px-Detroit_Red_Wings_Red_Set_1_Tag

This Sunday, we will be talking about this topic on Game Worn Radio.  You can join the show this weekend or weigh in and get in touch with members from the show at the following locations:

Facebook Page
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