Thoughts on New Canucks System

It has been almost 2 months since the Canucks have started their MobilBid system and we want to hear what you think about it.  What do or don’t you like it?  What are your overall thoughts?

For those unfamiliar, the Canucks are selling their game worn/used memorabilia through this system, which includes jerseys, jersey pre-sales, equipment, and goal scored pucks.

You can use your phone to text a number to bid on items or use a web browser to view them.  Each auction batch has its own separate link and old auction links expire sometime after close.  To view items, you must submit your information which will be used in the bidding process:


Once you are in, you can view the auctions that are available and bid on them:


Finally, when viewing a lot, you can see the information about the item that has been provided, where the item came from, the current bid, time left, and a history of bidders.


Feel free to comment on this article or share your thoughts in our forum to let us know what your opinion is on this new system.

Game Worn Radio: Returns 2/21


Game Worn Radio returns this weekend on Sunday, February 21st at 10PM EST.

We will be recapping the events that have unfolded in the last month, including recent auctions, the John Scott leverage, our recent article regarding reasons collectors stop collecting teams, and anything else our listeners might suggest.

Why I No Longer Collect My Local Team


This week my local team sent out mailers to get season ticket holders to renew their seats for next year.  Included in the mailer was a flyer indicating potential prizes for renews by a specific date and on the flyer included game worn jerseys.

Now, this specific instance isn’t what tipped me over the edge of collecting my local team, but it was definitely the straw.  There has been a history leading up to this point:

The Beginning

Three years ago, our team had dual affiliation and was not very good.  We hadn’t made the playoffs in the previous 2 years and our inaugural year we got knocked out in the first round.  The team did a few unique model jerseys and auctioned them off for charity, but the 2nd half season regular season gamers would be found in the store after the season ended (Meigray had the first half).  Mid-summer, you could still find players that made it up to the AHL, along with most of the team, with the exception of the few fan favorites that we had.  You can still find a number of jerseys from the first 3 years on Meigray.

The List

With the next year, I thought it could be helpful to the team and collectors from outside the area to try and get the team to make it more known and develop their game worn jersey program a bit, since they dropped their affiliation with Meigray. I emailed the merchandise manager about jerseys of players I would be interested in and was told to email near the end of the year and tried to talk to him about the program.  

Western Michigan University Hunting


We have a great Western Michigan University collector add to our Hunt List.

  • Any Western Michigan University jerseys, especially pre-1998 jerseys. Early 1980’s jersey are a high priority.
  • Mike Bishai 2003-2004 Edmonton Oilers.
  • Any David Gove jerseys, especially Carolina Hurricanes
  • Luke Witkowski Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Shane Berschbach Toledo Walleye (White or Blue)

Be on the look out for WMU and WMU Alumni jerseys!

John Scott and the All-Star Weekend

As many of you may have noticed this weekend during the All-Star events, John Scott wore his All-Star game jersey during the skills competition, the only player on the ice without a team jersey on.  Additionally, his jerseys (black and white) did not have a team logo on the shoulder like every other player on the ice.  His helmets, unlike the others, did not have a team logo on it either.

If you are looking to get John Scott gear/jerseys from this event, expect to pay significantly for it.  Its been said his helmet will be going to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Scott has definitely picked up many new fans this weekend, contributed by the spot-light allowing John’s personality and charisma to shine through.