Nick Viris on Game Worn Radio 11/21

On November 21st, Nick Viris has asked to be a guest on the show.  Nick Viris runs World Hockey Jerseys that you may have seen on eBay on the account whj_canada.

Nick is planning to talk about his experiences he had working with hockey as an assistant trainer with Team Canada in the 90’s and collecting back then, where things were peddled by trainers and equipment staff out the back door, and some other good stories of back then.

Additionally, I am sure there will be some write in questions and discussion regarding the World Hockey Jerseys and sales.

If you would like to submit any questions to Nick or talk about the show, join us on the Game Worn Radio Facebook Group.

Muskegon, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids Proxy Bidders

As many of you know, many teams have auctions for specialty jerseys right after their games.  In order to place a bid, you must be present.  In order to compensate for this, teams up with collectors from the local area to help others who cannot make it to the game place their bid.  Using our escrow system, bidders and buyers can feel safe knowing that they will get their item or not get stuck paying for someone elses bid.

For only $15 per game, you can place your maximum bid deposit with and once the results are in, you will either have your maximum bid returned or you will get your jersey and whatever amount remains from your bid.

Our upcoming games with a proxy bidder are:

11/11/17 – Muskegon Lumberjacks Military Night

11/25/17 – Muskegon Lumberjacks Fury Night

2/10/18 – Kalamazoo K-Wings Grateful Dead Jersey Night

3/2/18 – Muskegon Lumberjacks Dr. Seuss Night

3/31/18 – Muskegon Lumberjacks Fight Cancer Night

4/7/18 – Kalamazoo K-Wings The specialty Affiliate Jersey Night

4/14/18 – Grand Rapids Griffins Season Finale

If you would like to arrange for proxy bidding, please use our contact form.

Game Worn Radio: Helping a Fellow Collector, Team Program Changes

Earlier in the day, a fellow collector listed a jersey for sale in order to raise money for his son’s headstone. The community saw this and created a GoFundMe campaign in order to help this collector with the costs instead of selling the jersey. The community kicked the campaign’s ass and the goal was beat very quickly.

The campaign creator was on the show to tell us about the conversation he had with the collector.

After discussing the campaign, we talked about a few other things going on in the hobby and among various teams.

Sneak Peak: Northeast Hockey Expo Review

As we work on our latest article for the 2017 Northeast Hockey Expo, we thought we would give you a little sneak peak.

In previous years, we have been asked not to cover the Northeast Hockey Expo.  It is generally a gathering reserved for collectors by invitation in Boston that focuses on collectors that contain a collegiate hockey focus.

Coming soon, we will have some great additional information regarding this annual exclusive event.

Jamie Rivers on the Hunt for Jerseys

CaptureJamie Rivers, former NHLer is on the hunt for a couple of his previous game worn jerseys:

This could be a tall order considering he played one game in the Coyotes jersey and 19 in the Panthers jersey. If you have seen them or know where they are, feel free to reach out to Jamie on Twitter and let us know how it goes.