#RedWingsSale2016: Jokes, Deception, Live Reporting

This year at the Detroit Red Wing sale, entry was handled quite differently than it has been in previous years.  This year, anyone in line at midnight on Saturday morning would receive a numbered wristband and at that point, able to leave and return at 9am to restructure the line in number order as the doors open at 10am.

The Jokes

As we were waiting in line to receive our wristbands, I decided it would be entertaining to try to live tweet and even sometimes video stream what was happening in line at the sale.  I haven’t watched the videos, and won’t because I am sure they are embarrassing as I had no idea what I was doing or what I could talk about.  I was more or less asked to do it by fellow collector Paul Rank, had nothing better to do, so we gave it a shot.

Throughout the tweeting, if anyone cracked a joke or said something funny, it was sent out to the twittersphere.  The best material coming from Stephen who you may have remembered from last year’s sale article.  Yes, we are now pretty good friends, and here are some of the highlights:

And guess who’s girlfriend came to visit us while we waited in line.  Thats right, Stephen’s girlfriend.  Did she hear about our comic relief?  You bet she did:

Game Worn Radio: Bad Deals, Traders, Grudges

Game Worn Radio was finally back last night.  We tackled topics from bad deals to recovering from bad deals, bad traders and avoiding bad traders.  

There were many issued discussed regarding bad deals and traders.  We even had a white light example of not allowing the competition of the hobby get in the way between a possible friendship among collectors who collect the same things, and avoiding grudges.

Enjoy the show!

Game Worn Radio Returns 5/29 @ 10PM


Game Worn Radio finally returns to your internet airwaves on May 29th at 10PM EST.

The topic for this episode includes discussing and identifying bad deals in the hobby, recovering from these bad deals, and your reputation in the hobby, how to protect it and the roles it plays.

You can reserve your spot on the show or add your pre-show thoughts on our forum.

A Theory: The Increase in Prices and Quantity


It is becoming more apparent that the prices for game worn jerseys and the quantities of availability have been increased for some time.  I selected this St Patricks Day Eichel for the photo for this article because it illustrates some of the concepts I would like to address.

With the increase use in both social media and NHL Auctions, the awareness about the availability of game worn jerseys, not specifically our hobby, has broadened the market of buyers for anything game worn.  Now we are seeing businessmen who want something framed in their office, man cave owners expanding the talking pieces, etc, bidding on items.  

Many of these auction participants are not aware of the revolving door of jerseys that become available.  Some do not look beyond the fact that an item was worn to evaluate another piece that was worn during game play or for multiple games.  Some of these purchasers are also one-offs, meaning they will buy this one jersey and that will be all they need.  They do not need to budget for future jersey expenditures because they are not collectors.