At What Point Are Bad Trades Actually Bad Traders?


On a long enough timeline in the hobby, you will experience what you may consider a “Bad Deal” or “Bad Trader”, but is it really what you think it is?  What exactly is a “Bad Trader”?  At what point in the deal process can we consider a trader to be bad?  Lets take some time today to explore some of these common perceptions.

The number one, most important aspect of any deal is each party doing their due diligence in:

  • Describing the deal in detail.
  • Describing the items involved, asking questions for clarity and certainty, personal research.
  • Defining the scope of the actual transaction (shipping).  

All of these should be done prior to any sort of actual transaction happening.  If you have not covered these topics and are asked about one of them but cannot respond with a definitive answer or have to interpret or infer in-part, you may be at fault for your deal being considered bad.

So you have ironed out the details of your transaction and are ready to proceed, the transactions can begin.  If there is money involved, that is usually sent first.  Once any part of the transaction is done, if there are issues that arise before all parts are complete, chances are that you did not follow the number one, most important aspects of any deal.  Does this make anyone a bad trader?  Not yet.

2017 Chicago Expo Room Count

chicago-skyline-2To better help the organizers of the event plan for hotel negotiations, we have created a poll in the event to find out how many people that will be traveling to Chicago plan to stay for a number of nights.

If you are joining us in Chicago and will be staying in the hotel that we negotiate rates with, please use this poll to indicate the number of nights you are planning on staying.

Game Worn Radio Hiatus Until 5/29


Game Worn Radio will be on hiatus until our next episode on May 29th due to scheduling conflicts and our best efforts to bring you the best possible expo in April 2017.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the expo as well as news regarding future episodes of Game Worn Radio.

2017 Game Worn Jersey Expo Chicago


Mark your calendars, save the date, whatever you need to do to make sure you show up at the 2017 Game Worn Jersey Expo in Chicago on April 8th, 2017.

We are in the early planning stages of an expo in Chicago during the Frozen Four weekend.  Allow the expo to bring you into town and the weekend festivities to keep you occupied as you meet and grow new friendships.

Here is what we have planned so far:

Date/Time and Location:
Joe’s on Weed St.
940 W Weed St, Chicago, Illinois 60642
Setup: 9am.  Start: at 10am – 3pm.

Tentative Pricing Schedule (Prices include lunch):
$30 / Person without Table
$80 / Person with 1 Table ($35 Each additional table)
$100 / 2 Persons with 1 Table ($35 Each additional table)
(Cash bar will be open) will be on sight, performing collector interviews, documenting the event and even a possible live radio show from location.

Derek Christensen Reclaimed Creations will be there with some of his fantastic unique pieces.

Here are some items we are working on setting up:

Game Worn Radio: Friendships and Experiences from Collecting

On this episode of Game Worn Radio, our 9 panelists discussed the friendships they have made, purely from collecting.  Some had to do with similar interests in teams, others happened due to expos or transactions, and some just happened because there are great people in the world.

We got to hear some great stories of collectors sharing unique experiences together, which would not have happened if the friendships were not made through collecting.

Finally, it was announced that a large expo is being planned during the Frozen Four weekend in Chicago.  This is a great opportunity to get as many collectors as possible together for a weekend of fun.  Table spaces may be limited.  Keep an eye on the Facebook Event for more details as they become available.