Game Worn Radio: Special Event Jerseys

This week on Game Worn Radio, we talked about our thoughts on special event jerseys.  From Winter Classic and Stadium Series to the special jersey nights of the lower leagues, our panel discussed what they liked, disliked, and the effects on the hobby.

As our broadcasts continue, our panel continues to loosen up a bit on the mics giving us a more candid view of thoughts and ideas.  The entertainment factor was quite high with the joking and off topic rants and we even had someone trying to troll the show while it was in progress.

Upcoming Game Worn Radio: Special Event Jerseys


Sunday, January 10th at 10PM EST we will be resuming our broadcasts of Game Worn Radio.  The topic for this week is slated to be special event jerseys.

With the Winter Classic over, All-Star game coming up, and Stadium Series around the corner, its a topic that could use some discussion from the panel.

Would you like to join the panel?  Reserve your spot on the forum.

Holiday Break!

uglysweater-620x264We are taking a break this holiday from writing articles.  We will be maintaining the forums over the holiday, continuing with our auction tracker and also accepting any news tips submitted for articles after the new year.  We will be resuming Game Worn Radio for our first broadcast of the year on January 10th, 2016.


Digital LOA Introduction

CaptureFull Document  Signature Verification has discussed with collectors and decided to start a digital LOA program.  Pictured is the first page of one of our first completed LOAs.  You can see that Adobe Reader has verified the digital signature, so we can be certain this document has not been modified or duplicated.  This document will be hosted by and made publically available, allowing anyone the opportunity to view the document.

Q & A:

How does it work?
When we receive the information necessary for our experts to determine the item is authentic, we will create the document and digitally sign it with a private key that only we have.  To verify the document, you will download the PDF, install our public key and Adobe Reader will tell you if the public key matches our private key.  If it does, you know your document is original.

What is on the LOA?
The LOA will describe in detail the wear on the jersey and contain at minimum, 6 pictures (Front, Back, Left Arm Front, Left Arm Back, Right Arm Front, and Right Arm Back), reasoning as to why our experts consider it authentic, non-descriptive details about the item, examples of photo matches if applicable, examples of video matches if applicable, scans of any other LOAs that were issued for the item, and a transaction history of collectors that have elected to report transfer details to us.  It may also contain links to repositories containing additional pictures (there will be 16 standard pictures), photo matches and video matches.