Game Worn Radio: Equipment Sales 2016

The most important things in life are family and friends.  

In this episode:

  • a little background on how came to be.
  • Griffins and Red Wing sales this year
  • Anticipated sales coming up.
  • Sale aftermath and drama (unnecessary).
  • Some chat about the Penguins Stanley Cup presentation, live.

196943_738349125572_1045763_n(Matthew Ryan Hanson and Derek Whitaker at Verizon Center in Washington, DC.  March  11th 2011)

If anyone has a jersey worn during the March 11th, 2011 game, Carolina vs Washington (any team, any player) that you would be willing to sell, please let us know.

Red Wings HHOF Patches Affixed to Wrong Side

You may have noticed that while people are posting pictures of the jerseys they received from the Detroit Red Wings Equipment sale, that something looks a little off on some of the white ones.

If you reference pictures from the game, the patch was on the right of the player but you are seeing the patch on the opposite side of the jersey.  

This is OK.  Collectors are not moving patches, and these jerseys are not fakes.  The Red Wings removed the patch after the game to continue to use the jersey for the rest of the season and re-affixed the patch back on for the sale.

As far as we know, this is consistent with every jersey that had a patch.  No authenticity issues to worry about here.

Game Worn Radio, Coming Soon: Equipment Sales 2016

GWRWe never anticipated that Game Worn Radio would have this long of a lifetime, but last year around this time, we did an episode on Team Equipment Sales.  We are going to revisit this topic with this year’s info for Equipment Sales 2016.

If you have gone to a sale this year or plan on going to a sale (San Jose Sharks come to mind), then we want you on the show.  Also, if you have any Q&A or just want to shoot the shit with the panel, feel free to join us Sunday, June 6th at 10PM Eastern.

#RedWingsSale2016: Jokes, Deception, Live Reporting

This year at the Detroit Red Wing sale, entry was handled quite differently than it has been in previous years.  This year, anyone in line at midnight on Saturday morning would receive a numbered wristband and at that point, able to leave and return at 9am to restructure the line in number order as the doors open at 10am.

The Jokes

As we were waiting in line to receive our wristbands, I decided it would be entertaining to try to live tweet and even sometimes video stream what was happening in line at the sale.  I haven’t watched the videos, and won’t because I am sure they are embarrassing as I had no idea what I was doing or what I could talk about.  I was more or less asked to do it by fellow collector Paul Rank, had nothing better to do, so we gave it a shot.

Throughout the tweeting, if anyone cracked a joke or said something funny, it was sent out to the twittersphere.  The best material coming from Stephen who you may have remembered from last year’s sale article.  Yes, we are now pretty good friends, and here are some of the highlights:

And guess who’s girlfriend came to visit us while we waited in line.  Thats right, Stephen’s girlfriend.  Did she hear about our comic relief?  You bet she did: