Steiner Auctions Is Back With Brodeur and More!


Continuing from the previous auction at Steiner, their currently active auction that closes on Dec 11th includes more Brodeur and Keenan items.

We get to see more gloves, pads, skates, sticks, pants and even personal items from one of the best goalies ever in the NHL.

Keeping up with the amazing goalie theme, one amazing piece they have comes with a meet and greet from the owner of the item.  Henrik Lundqvist’s rookie year practice mask.  Owned by Lundqvist himself, the winner of the auction will not only get the mask he wore for practices during his rookie year, which he placed a camera inside to review and learn, but they will also receive the item, personally from Lundqvist.

This link will take you directly to the game worn hockey items.  Other notable lots to view are items for the Lundqvist foundation and awards.

Always Cross-Reference Tagging


Tagging is great on jerseys, but it can be very important to actually cross reference the numbers on the tag to make sure it describes the appropriate jersey.

Here, we have an item that was listed on eBay described as a game worn Jonathan Toews jersey, no LOA.  Joe was able to cross-reference the number in the tag on this jersey to an Andrew Brunette from 2011-12.  The consensus here is that the jersey either had the numbers and name changed or the tag was removed from the original jersey and applied to an authentic.

Either way, while you are out there, always check the tags, especially if the price is too good to be true.

Attention to Detail is Everything

As you will see from a collector who writes in to report some of his findings, attention to detail is everything.  When buying, inspect the item you receive against the information given by the seller.  Knowing the smallest details could be the difference between a good buy and a bad buy.

Many of us in the hobby have at one time or another bought a jersey from an auction house. Some in the hobby regularly purchase jerseys from the various auction houses. When we buy a jersey from an auction house we expect them to honestly represent the jersey and provide accurate details. Unfortunately this is not always the case and sometimes there are issues with a listing and they can usually be fixed by a simple email or phone call to the auction house. 

The December 2014 auction from showcased a large consignment of international jerseys. Among them was a 2003-04 road CSKA Moscow jersey worn by Nikolai Pronin in auction lot #634. The jersey sold by is in the photos below.

The images below are what was shipped to satisfy this closing lot.

Game Worn Radio: Current Events

Our current events segment covered all the action in the past few weeks regarding auctions, distributor issues, new distribution outlets, more details regarding our 2017 Expo in Chicago.

Next time, we will talk about sources for game worn jerseys that you can share with your friends and family so they can find the perfect place to pick you up a jersey for the holidays!

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