Martin Brodeur Vezina Year Pads

Those who know me know I have a great interest in goalie equipment, being a goalie myself.  Its the only position I can play, on ice.  Naturally, with arguably the best goaltender ever in the NHL having his equipment being sold on Steiner Auctions, I had to check them out.

Generally, being game worn jersey/equipment collectors, many of us enjoy doing the research on items.  Many of us buy the item, but enjoy the research more.  It is always intriguing to find out new information about an item or the history behind a jersey as you continue to do more research.

Upon beginning research on the Martin Brodeur pads on Steiner Auctions from his personal collection, I discovered that each have a notable history in the years his career. Currently for auction are game worn pads from his 2000-01 season, 2003-04 season, and 2006-07 season.


The 2000-01 season pads are the most unique pads available with a different primary color for each leg.  During this season, Brodeur registered 42 wins, the most in the league that year and one of his 8 40 win seasons.  He also took his team 1 win shy of winning the Stanely Cup.  He was nominated for the Vezina this year.

Player Collecting Spotlight: Brian McGrattan

001Brent Cover writes in to let us know about his player collection of Brian McGrattan:

I’ve been an enforcer collector for the last 20 years, collecting jerseys, sticks, gloves and helmets of hundreds of different enforcers.  Dave Semenko. Dave Brown. Bob Probert. Tony Twist. Georges Laraque. Derek Boogaard. Brian McGrattan. Guys that all wore the unofficial crown of NHL heavyweight champion at some point in their career.

Sadly, this type of player has now been forced out of the game and only a few scattered fighters remain – the last of the true heavyweight enforcers who was recognized as champion was McGrattan. He was the last of his kind and we will probably never see another.  This is why it was so important to me to collect McGrattan and I’ve been able to amass a collection of jerseys from his many stops in both the NHL as well as the AHL, acquiring at least one jersey from almost the majority of the NHL organizations for which he played.

2000-2001 Los Angeles Kings PS home – as a 19-year old, he played the preseason with the Kings before spending the remainder of the year in Mississauga.

Away Goal Scored Pucks Come to Steiner Auctions


Recently, we have seen a large increase in the demand for goal scored pucks.  While many teams offer goal scored pucks for their team, the number that offer goal scored pucks from the visiting team is fewer.

In the current Steiner Auctions, there are a number of goal scored pucks from visiting teams to the New York Rangers including Toronto, Montreal, Florida, Carolina, New York Islanders, Washington with bids starting at $50.

If you have questions about any of the items before you bid, make sure you get an email into before the weekend!

Game Worn Radio: Jersey Acquisition

On last nights show, with gift giving right around the corner, we discussed the various places where collectors can purchase game worn jerseys (in the hopes that our friends and family are listening of course).  We covered the standard places, teams, distributors, auctions and even expanded to some lesser known possibilities.

Audio Only:

Player Collecting Spotlight: Luke Glendening


Its no surprise to anyone that I collect Luke Glendening jerseys, but what many may not know or understand is WHY do I collect his jerseys.  In this new series we will start writing at, we will feature the stories behind WHY collectors that collect specific players choose to collect in that manner.  I will start with my story.

I’ve been in Toledo all my life.  I have always loved hockey but never played until I was 26.  In Toledo, we had the Storm, then hockey went away for a while before it came back as the Toledo Walleye.  I didn’t start collecting hockey jerseys until the summer of 2011, which was just in time to get my feet wet for the 2012-13 season when I would be able to witness the first player that severely peaked my interest.

Its easy to want to collect the big name players, Yzerman, Lidstrom, Shanahan, etc.  Every once in a while you get to see something different.  Something unique.  

Luke Glendening began playing in Toledo in 2012-13.  He scored 14 goals with 7 assists in the 27 games he played with the team, so he was definitely making an impact.  Most games, he was easily identifiable as the hardest working player on the ice.  His backstory revealed even more.