Resolutions to Consider for 2017


We have seen quite a bit in the hobby this past year, which gives us an opportunity to reflect and consider things we would like to see or do differently.  From recent topics and discussions, we have a few recommendations on things to consider:

  • Go out of your way to meet your fellow collector and make new friends in the hobby.  More often than not, a relationship is more valuable than making a buck off of someone.
  • Welcome new collectors in the hobby and be willing to spend some time showing them the ropes.  New collectors do not arrive with knowledge and experience we do.  If we take the time to educated the newcomers,  we will begin to see conversations on par with what we expect.
  • Consider weighing the difference between the items you want and the message you want to send.  Many people were/are unhappy with a specific business entering the hobby, yet they still spend their money with that company.  Unfortunately, this does not promote change.
  • Get involved.  Its easy to stick to the easy medium of facebook to poke in and out of the hobby, but when you get involved, the knowledge can be invaluable.  Visit resource websites and engage with the hobby.  Buying and selling passively on facebook does not contribute to the hobby.
  • Go to an expo.  Whether its the upcoming Expo in Chicago or other annual gatherings, it is a great opportunity to meet your fellow collector.
  • Bury the hatchet.  It is seldom that everyone sees eye to eye on a situation.  Instead of holding a grudge over a disagreement, talk about it and see if common ground can be found.  If there has been a misgiving, see if an apology or forgiveness can be found and attempt to understand each other and avoid repeating the past.
  • Work together.  There are far more people that deal in game worn jerseys that are not necessarily collectors than there are true collectors.  Some try to take advantage, others just don’t know any better.  If collectors work together, we can keep the wins in our community.

I am sure there will be more as we talk about this article, and we can build as we go, but these are just a few suggestions from some recent observations.

Hotel Update for 2017 Chicago Expo

mer3870gr-157929_lgThe location for the hotel rooms has been changed from The Drake to:

2100 Spring Road. Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States
This hotel is farther from the venue, however it has been selected for a number of competitive reasons.  With an easier come/go policy with parking and rates alone, attendees will have more freedom and budget to seek out more entertainment while in Chicago.
To make transportation and parking even easier, a number of collectors are planning to be able to carpool with other collectors throughout the weekend’s events!
Those that have registered and requested to receive hotel info will be receiving emails this weekend to secure your room.

Player Collecting Spotlight: Cal Clutterbuck

John Mazzucca writes in to tell us about his Cal Clutterbuck collection:

In 2013 I started collecting game worn jerseys, little did i know that later I would be collecting a player that I didn’t get to watch very often, but when I did I loved it.  The style, the hits, the trash talking. I was hooked the last name was an interesting one. “Clutterbuck”. I know most people laugh at the name but I’ve found it to be one of the more interesting names in the NHL and he rocks a mustache pretty good.

Over the last four years, since Cal Clutterbuck has been with the New York Islanders, I have been able to meet him a few times and I guess in a way he knows me by now because of the jerseys. The first time I ever got to meet him in person was on April 8, 2014. I have to give props to my girlfriend who decided it would be a good idea to win his ‘off the back’ jersey. When I found out it was going to happen, I didn’t know how to react and had no idea what jersey to wear! I went back and forth between a few then decided on his Houston Areos jersey.

It was his last ever minor league jersey before he was a full time NHLer. That night, we got to the game and what do you know, he scores a goal and I will be on the ice getting that jersey. Finally I am out on the ice,

Deliveries in Time for Christmas

Orders from our partners, the Syracuse Crunch and the Chicago Wolves as well as our consignors by Monday the 19th will be shipped in time for Christmas.

Don’t wait, order a jersey for your special game worn collector today!