Adidas Jersey Material and Technology Changes


With the reveal of the new Adidas jerseys, much focus has been placed on how team jerseys will change.  More stripes?  Less stripes?  Location of this and that.  We want to take a moment to talk about what in the model of the jersey is changing as a whole by piecing together information deduced by pictures and information releases.

Adidas claims that the jerseys will be lighter (up to 19% lighter than Reebok Edge 2.0) by using new materials in cresting and construction of the jersey.  They claim this will reduce crest weight by 46% and number weight will be reduced 60% by using a single layer perforated numbering system.  It still looks like for many teams, the numbers still have multiple layers as seen in the photo taken from the Winnipeg Jets display and are not necessarily perforated.


Now if we take a look back at the World Cup of Hockey jerseys, we can see the single layer perforated numbering system as seen in this Frolik Czech Republic jersey.  Does this mean that weight saving feature will not be a standard in the NHL?  Inspecting the photos for the team releases, we have only seen limited evidence of perforated numbers on NHL jerseys so this does not appear to be implemented league wide.

Game Worn Radio: Wives Takeover

This week the guys took a step back and let their wives take over.  This is the first time we have gotten the input from the collector’s significant other’s point of view on the hobby.

From their husbands collecting habits, to money, to their favorite teams and activities, these ladies put it out there to talk about everything game worn.

Audio Only:

16-17 Syracuse Crunch Availability Coming Soon


The Syrcause Crunch made a great run into the Calder Cup playoffs taking on the Grand Rapid Griffins in the finals.  As some collectors may have seen, Syracuse Crunch Calder Finals Game 1 jerseys have already been listed for auction on eBay the the AHL.  

In an effort to keep you as informed as possible, these are the white and blue sets from the 2016-17 year.

Regular Season/Playoff White + Game 2 Calder Finals
Regular Season/Playoff Blue
White Finals Game 6
Blue Finals Game 4 and 5
White Finals Game 1 (AHL)
Blue Finals Game 3 (AHL)

Ultimately, there will be 2 whites with the Calder Cup finals patch, 1 blue and 1 blue with Calder Cup finals patch made available by the Crunch.  While details are still being worked out with the release method, we will keep you informed as the decisions are being made.

Adidas Hockey Jersey Teasers Trend on Twitter


In case you have been living under a rock the past couple days, Adidas has launched their social media campaign for the launch of their new jersey line for the NHL with the hashtag on twitter #FormTheFuture.

Unfortunately, even with all the shares, retweets, likes, etc, there hasnt been anything spectacular to report until this morning.  You will most likely be seeing these teasers until the announcement.  Every single team sharing the crest image is nothing you wouldnt already expect to see.

However, some teams have shown teasers this morning of the back branding logo which gives us a peak into some of the material going into the jerseys.


Some collectors have been reminded of the Reebok Edge 1.0 issues, and seeing some of the material from the back photos became curious what that material in the photos are.  Luckily, in the same photos, you can also see more breathable material surrounding the logos.  

Once thing is certain, their campaign is pretty successful so far at creating hype leading up to the reveal.  It appears the official reveal is June 20th.

2017 St Louis Blues Equipment Sale

By Jason Doc Noyes

This was my 3rd Blues equipment sale and it seems to get bigger and crazier every year.  When the sale was announced initially, it said there would be limits on certain things but didn’t say what.  I guessed helmets and gloves, as those are the biggest things people fight over.

A few days before the sale the Blues put out one helmet and one pair of gloves per person.  Season ticket holders would get in at 11 and everyone else 12 pm.

I checked in with a few friends who were going. One was getting a hotel the night before and planned on getting there at about 5am.  I planned on arriving at 7am..  I have an hour and a half drive so as I decided to leave I checked Facebook and saw posts of a few people in line.  Some got there at 10pm the day before, others at midnight.