MeiGray Expo Shows Hobby is Alive and Well


The 2017 MeiGray Expo was this weekend and it showed the hobby is doing great!  

In additional to the collectors that attend yearly, there were a number of new-to-the-expo collectors, even though they may have been veterans in the hobby.  There appeared to be a good number of newer collectors in attendance as well.

In addition to the speaker, Adam Oates, other notable attendees included Rebecca Russo and Courtney Burke from the New York Riveters of the WNHL.  Also in attendance were the Conn Smythe, Vezina, Hart Memorial, and Norris Memorial trophies.

Collectors were able to see some of the new Adidas jerseys of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and a large array of historical, vintage and modern jerseys from players of all calibers.

For pictures of the event, check out the Album on MeiGray’s facebook page.

Game Worn Radio: Adidas Jerseys, Bad Buyers, Etiquette

On this episode of Game Worn Radio we talked about the new Adidas jerseys and what our thoughts and opinions are on them.

We had some banter about the projected success and stability for the new Las Vegas team with great points on each side as well as the request list for the inaugural season jerseys.

Finally, we discussed how it is possible to be a bad buyer and how to avoid dealing with bad buyers.  This topic evolved into an overall discussion on etiquette in the hobby.


Has Anyone Seen a TOI Report from WCOH?


When the World Cup of Hockey jerseys were announced by Fanatics, one of the selling points that was claimed was the use of the ‘eye in the sky’ technology for tracking player locations and the ability to identify the time and duration specific jerseys were worn on the ice.  Collectors were told that this information would be available only upon request.

Are there any collectors out there that have made this request and received this report?  We would be interested in seeing the data that is available.

Free Agency Fun, Collector Interviews Resume, Game Worn Radio Delay


Free Agency

The NHL Free Agency period is always a fun time in our hobby.  Its a great time to observe various transactions that happen in the wave of team decisions.

When a team does not resign a player, you can often find a team collector trying to sell the jersey of that player.  If the player gets signed by another team, you might even see that jersey being sold getting purchased by a collector of the new team.

Free agency creates a layer of supply and demand between teams and players and entertainingly reflects the decisions made by the GMs in the NHL.

Collector Interviews Resume is continuing our summer trend to interview collectors from all over the world.  If you would like to join us on Skype to be interviewed, please contact us to schedule a time.  If you would prefer to keep your interview to a text-only format, we can accommodate as well.

Game Worn Radio Delay

Due to the holiday, Game Worn Radio will return on Tuesday, July 11th at 9PM.

Another Day, Another Cut Up

Its always a shame when we see a game worn jersey used to make a mark in an industry through its destruction. Any publicity is good publicity, right?  RIP 2015-16 Despres.

What do you think of the cut-up trend that has been increasing since the inception of game worn jersey cards from sports card manufacturers?