A Lesson Learned in the Proper Handling of Jerseys

After the Winter Classic, it has been reported that the St Louis Blues jerseys were placed in a bag, unwashed until sold by Fanatics.  There were two sets of jerseys being handled by Fanatics, 1st period and 2nd period.  

Auctioned first was the first period jerseys.  The listing was created and started prior to the game being played.  A stock photo was used in the listing and never updated.


It is unknown how long it took the jerseys to arrive to fanatics, but there have been reports that the jerseys were shipped without being washed.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that Fanatics took proper care with the jerseys upon receiving them by washing and hanging them.  That resulted in the following:

As you can see, mold has started to take place.  The original owner of the jersey returned it to Fanatics who then sold the jersey as-is.  The new owner received the jersey and washed it to neutralize the mold, unfortunately the damage has already been done and the jersey has been permanently stained.

Looking at the 2nd period jersey listings, it appears that these jerseys were also left in bags and taken out to be photographed.  Its hard to identify mold, but it does not appear that any additional care was taken for these jerseys, such as a simple wash and hang.img-2117009-f

Let this be a nice note for anyone receiving jerseys from the “Off the back” events.  Once you receive the jersey, machine cold wash, hang dry, and store properly.


Game Worn Radio: Recent and Upcoming Auctions, SCF Jerseys

This week, the panel discussed some of the recently closed auctions and some of the upcoming auction offerings.  We also discussed Stanley Cup Finals patched jerseys and some of the quirks that come with patching jerseys.

We also had a bit of a teaser regarding the possibility of future expo planning.

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Shipping Advice and Etiquette


Jersey transactions are happening less in person, and more often than not, involve a shipping service.  Shipping creates an additional cost to the transaction and there are many ways to ship.  When dealing with transactions and shipping, it is good practice to adhere to the following concepts regarding shipping etiquette.

Liability Cost
First and foremost, when negotiating a sale, it is important to indicate which party will cover shipping.  

As a buyer, if the price is not indicated as “includes shipping”, it is best to anticipate that the seller will most likely expect you to cover shipping costs.  In this scenario, you can advise the seller how you would like your item shipped and if you desire insurance.  When you pay for shipping, the shipping expense is at your discretion.  You could be cheap and request that it is shipped in a bag without insurance, standard shipping practice (listed below), or a custom requested shipping method the seller feels comfortable with.

As a seller, it is helpful to advise in your listing who will cover shipping.  If you elect to cover shipping, remember we are in a global market, so address the locations you are willing to cover.  While covering the shipping charges, the burden of insurance will be placed on you.  You can elect to forego insurance, but if you do, missing shipments, damage, etc will become your burden.

Shipping Standards
When shipping, smaller packages and bags or padded envelopes are less expensive to ship, however, damage comes at a higher risk.  Opened packages, tearing and exposure to elements are the risks potentially faced.

 At a minimum, your standard shipping method should be in a box large enough to fold the jersey and have it lay flat which can also include documentation.  The medium flat-rate USPS boxes or 14″x11″x3″ are satisfactory.  Though not required, it is recommended to wrap the jersey in a bag.  Ziploc or garbage would work.  This helps protect it from the rare event in which weather elements reach your package.  Include the LOA in a binder sleeve, laid flat at the bottom.  NEVER fold your LOAs to ship them.

Tape your edges and corners well.  Nobody wants to receive a partially open box.

Even you can be a good shipper if you follow these guidelines:

  • Be explicit when it comes to who is responsible for shipping.
  • Always ship in a box unless that comfortably fits the folded jersey unless otherwise negotiated.
  • If you are the one paying for shipping, insurance liability is on you.
  • Be generous with the tape.  Most boxes have 2 sets of flaps which will protect your items when opened.

Got other shipping tips?  Let us know!

2017 Game Worn Hockey Expo Chicago Review


There is far too much to say about the 2017 Game Worn Hockey Expo held in Chicago.  To get a good audio glimpse, check out our episode of Game Worn Radio.  To assist with your viewing pleasure, please check out the pictures below.  We have pictures of not only the expo, but the other events from the weekend as well.

Lastly we recorded some ramblings from our Friday night gathering.  Our original intent was to edit it for content, but due to time and effort, here it is, raw.  This will also be loaded to our iTunes Podcast.


Game Worn Radio: Chicago Expo Review

This week we were joined by Francis, Dan, Tom and Jason who attended the expo and Matt and Marco who did not.  We talked a bit about the things we saw and our experiences at the expo and the importance behind attending these shows.

Words can’t describe attending an event like this, but we did our best and we hope we convey the message appropriately.

Later this week, we will publish our recording from the pre-expo gathering that happened in Pete’s hotel room.

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