Opinion: Single Game Jerseys vs Patches (Removed)




Here is a picture of a Dallas Stars Mike Modano Retirement Night jersey.  This jersey is just like a regular season jersey, but was patched with a commemorative patch for the night, worn once, then sold.


This is a picture of a Detroit Red Wings regular season jersey that has a Lidstrom Retirement night patch affixed to it.  This jersey was worn all year, patched for one night, then the patch was removed.  After the season ended, the patch was reattached, and the jersey was sold.


Finally, this is a Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey.  It was worn during one period of a Stadium Series event then sold.

Here is my question to you:  How do you feel about each of these techniques?

A special event jersey, like the Winter Classic can be fun to have.  Its not a common event, its played up very heavily and its very different than a regular game.  What about when the league has 6 of them in a year?  The Stadium Series for example.  The New York Rangers played in two of the games, but only wore 1 Stadium Series jersey for the year.  Thats much better than what we could have seen (a jersey for each game).

We have seen a number of ‘special’ games come in to play recently as well.  Hall of Fame induction games, retirement games, etc.  Depending on the distributor, you may see a one game jersey produced from this game with nothing more than an added patch.  What do you think about that?  Is it helping keep non-serious collectors from obtaining jerseys you want from the regular season?  What if  milestone happens during that game?  Are these just an excuse to flood the market?

This is where being a collector of a specific team can really hurt or help your collection.  We have already seen single game jerseys come out of the St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Philedelphia Flyers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs before 1/3 of the season is over.  Last year, the Detroit Red Wings didn’t even have a playoff set of jerseys for most of their players.  Either the regular season jerseys were used in the playoffs or they are reusing the playoff set for the regular season this year.  We will most likely not be seeing single game jerseys from the Detroit Red Wings with the exception of special events (not special games).

Where do you stand on the topic?