No Relisting for Downed NHL Auctions


If you happen to be viewing our auction tracker for the 2014-15 St. Louis Blues Set 2 White and Blue jerseys, or have heard on our radio show about the NHL Auctions issues this past weekend, you might notice the closing prices from the auction were historically low compared to previous auctions.

Last weekend, from midday Friday, July 10 through Monday, July 13, the NHL Auctions site was unexpectedly down due to a technical error triggered by maintenance on  As a result, bidders were unfortunately unable to login to the site or place bids during this period.  While the site was still down, on Sunday, July 12, the St. Louis Blues game used jersey auction closed at appox. 7:30 PM EST.  As with any auction, we are required to award the auctioned jerseys to the bidders with the highest submitted bids upon the close of the auction period.  Unfortunately, we are not able to re-open the bidding and therefore we have no choice but to honor the original winning bids.  We certainly understand your disappointment in being unable to access the site to place a bid during this period and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Again, this was an unexpected occurrence that we will do our best to prevent from happening in the future.
NHL Auctions

What does this mean?  It means that mid-day Friday can be considered the close of the auction even though bidders assumed they would have an additional 48 hours of bidding time (plus extended bidding).

Going forward, it could be advisable that when placing a bid on NHL Auctions, you will want to place your max bid as early as possible to avoid closed auctions due to technical difficulties.

If you are a seller, maybe you want to consider alternate means to sell your jerseys instead of potentially losing 48 hours (plus extended bid time) worth of bids.