MeiGray Expo Shows Hobby is Alive and Well


The 2017 MeiGray Expo was this weekend and it showed the hobby is doing great!  

In additional to the collectors that attend yearly, there were a number of new-to-the-expo collectors, even though they may have been veterans in the hobby.  There appeared to be a good number of newer collectors in attendance as well.

In addition to the speaker, Adam Oates, other notable attendees included Rebecca Russo and Courtney Burke from the New York Riveters of the WNHL.  Also in attendance were the Conn Smythe, Vezina, Hart Memorial, and Norris Memorial trophies.

Collectors were able to see some of the new Adidas jerseys of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and a large array of historical, vintage and modern jerseys from players of all calibers.

For pictures of the event, check out the Album on MeiGray’s facebook page.