Matching Wear to the Moment

One of the most pain staking tasks some of our collectors engage in is tracking down specific artifacts of wear down to the specific event they happened.  For fight damage, such as the pictures above, this can be extremely easy.  However, for some of the most robust collectors out there, those marks can be tracked down to a specific shot on a goalie jersey or a slash on a player jersey.

For these more intricate artifacts of wear, collectors can go through hours of game footage to track down the specific moment.  Unfortunately, pictures do not always tell the tale.  

Why would someone do this?  After many hours of research, the collector can find great talking points and history behind the jersey.  Maybe that mark was made by a player who took a penalty that lost a game due to the power play goal?  Maybe the goal tender made an amazing save off a star player and it left a mark.  

Its not always about the jersey itself, or knowing a jersey was worn in a specific game, but showing a specific moment that has been frozen in time by the marks made on a jersey can paint a larger picture.