Martin Brodeur Vezina Year Pads

Those who know me know I have a great interest in goalie equipment, being a goalie myself.  Its the only position I can play, on ice.  Naturally, with arguably the best goaltender ever in the NHL having his equipment being sold on Steiner Auctions, I had to check them out.

Generally, being game worn jersey/equipment collectors, many of us enjoy doing the research on items.  Many of us buy the item, but enjoy the research more.  It is always intriguing to find out new information about an item or the history behind a jersey as you continue to do more research.

Upon beginning research on the Martin Brodeur pads on Steiner Auctions from his personal collection, I discovered that each have a notable history in the years his career. Currently for auction are game worn pads from his 2000-01 season, 2003-04 season, and 2006-07 season.


The 2000-01 season pads are the most unique pads available with a different primary color for each leg.  During this season, Brodeur registered 42 wins, the most in the league that year and one of his 8 40 win seasons.  He also took his team 1 win shy of winning the Stanely Cup.  He was nominated for the Vezina this year.

brodpaugu0010_medIn the 2003-04 season, Brodeur has the most games played (75), most wins (38), and the most shutouts (11) which was the second highest number of shutouts in his career.  Despite not hitting the magical number of 40 wins, Brodeur won the Vezina and was nominated for the Hart trophies.


Finally, the 2006-07 season might be the most notable season in his career that did not produce a Stanley Cup.  Brodeur played a career high 78 games, posted a career high 48 wins, and the highest number of shutouts in his career at 12.  Its no surprised that he won the Vezina and was nominated for the Hart trophy as well.

Some amazing years of Brodeurs career, sealed away in the equipment of the game.