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This resource is being developed to collaborate as much information about the Game Worn jersey hobby into one place as possible. This is a living wiki, which will have new information added to as we receive it. Only users that create accounts will be able to collaborate this information, to help keep the integrity of our pages.

The type of information we will be collecting will be both current and historical information regarding:

  • Models
  • Styles
  • Sets
  • Patches
  • Distributors
  • Authentication Indicators

As the information grows, navigation can change.







Team First Last
Montreal Wanderers 1917 1918
Quebec Athletic Club 1919 1920
Hamilton Tigers 1920 1925
Pittsburgh Pirates 1925 1930
Philadelphia Quakers 1930 1931
St. Louis Eagles 1934 1935
Montreal Maroons 1924 1938
Brooklyn Americans 1925 1942
California Golden Seals 1967 1976
Kansas City Scouts 1974 1976
Cleveland Barons 1976 1978
Atlanta Flames 1972 1980
Colorado Rockies 1976 1978
Minnesota North Stars 1967 1993
Quebec Nordiques 1979 1995
Hartford Whalers 1979 1997
Atlanta Thrashers 1999 2011



Player Information

Multi-Jersey Sets - When a player would have more than one jersey in a specific set number, such as a player that wears a specific jersey for each period or a player that might have a jersey with a letter, and a jersey without a letter within the same set. These jerseys are most likely retired at the same time.

Multiple Sets Per Game - When a player wears multiple sets per game, they may start the game wearing a specific set jersey then activate a different jerseys. Causes can be various, such as jersey damage or player preference.

Event Information

Events with Multi-Jersey Sets