How Do You Organize Your Jerseys?



I love seeing how other people display/organize their jerseys.  When it comes to my own personal rack, I have a method on how I hang them.

Mine looks a little something like this:

  • Local(ish) Teams
    • Team Preference
      • Favorite Player Order
        • Rarity of jersey/Milestone Stat order
        • GI (If any)
  • NHL Teams
    • Team Preference
      • Favorite Player Order
        • GI (If any)
  • Other teams by Preference Order

How do you display and organize your jerseys?  Do you have a method for the madness or do you just simply have too much that you keep them in equipment bags?

Reader Submissions:

Rick Ackerman
I have mine on circular clothes racks, organized by league…on left: college, CHL, International…on right, NHL, Peoria Rivermen, St. Louis Blues…10582753_10203657278664936_7510189690936114434_o


Hugh Bayne
Mine are on a commercial garment rack w/a clear cover and organized in order I got them.


Dominic Rae
I’d like to get some shadow boxes, but they cost a fortune. Mine are kept in a wardrobe, until I wish to wear it.


Drew Conklin
I’m big on buying nice hangers. Hate hanging a $1000 shirt in a 10 cent hanger lol.


Brandon O’Neill
In an extra reinforced closet, with matching black felt hangers. Preds jerseys are all in seasonal order with road jerseys or alternates separating the seasons. Eric Fehr jerseys hidden to the left, the remainder of my Hershey Bears & Alumni to the right and a few of my favorites hanging out. It’s gotta be organized or I’d never find a thing