Great Community Sees Return of Stolen Jersey


As auctions end and deliveries are made, especially close to Christmas time, there is always a chance to hear about a jersey missing from the doorstep of a collector.  Unfortunately, that was the story with one of our members shortly after an auction ended.  The auction house did not ship the package with signature confirmation, so the package was left on the door step and subsequently taken off of the door step by an unscrupulous party.

After this discovery, the collector took to facebook and our forum to announce what had happened in case there was the off-chance that the jersey reappeared somewhere.

Not too long ago, we heard from this collector to let us know the jersey had been found.  A couple of Bay Area Red Wing fans were at a flea market and saw a Red Wings jersey they could wear to an upcoming Detroit at San Jose game.  Upon finding this jersey, the pair purchased it, still in packaging material and noticed the LOA included.  Reading the LOA, they realized this was not just a simple replica or authentic, so they hopped on the internet and began to search.

Not long after the search begun, they found the forum thread in which our member posted.  Being the outstanding people they are, they created an account, specifically with the intent to contact the collector and make the return.

This story was made possible due to the fantastic people involved, and the gratitude of the collector that our forum pages are quick to be indexed by search engines, believing that had the forums not contained the message, this item may not been returned.