at the 2015 Meigray Expo



This year, has been invited by the MeiGray Group to attend the 2015 MeiGray Expo in North Branch, NJ.  MeiGray has been kind enough to supply our representative with a couple tables, electricity, and wifi access.

This will allow us to bring you up to date information on the MeiGray expo and events during the show.  We will be live streaming the event, and provided everything goes right, attendees of the event will be able to see and interact with viewers through the chat system on the live stream.

At our tables, we will have a small display of items from our personal collections for attendees to view and we will be bringing some black and purple T-Shirts for sale in limited sizes.

Attending this expo will allow our writers to account for a first hand experience of the show and hopefully provide you with a write up that will encourage you to attend the show in years to come.