Game Worn Radio: Weekend Round Up

This week we covered the Chicago Blackhawks Convention, Meigray Expo, San Jose Sharks sale and the Carolina Hurricanes Summerfest.

Dan gave us some insight on the Carolina Hurricanes event.  He met Bobby down there who unfortunately was not on the show.

Eric and Sean called in to talk about their annual meet up at the Blackhawks convention with a lot of great information and insight.  Unfortunately, it seems the Meigray expo and Blackhawks convention always fall on the same weekend.

We didn’t have anyone on the show from the Meigray expo, but one of our listeners went for his first time and typed to us live some of the things that were really good to see.

Finally, Paul was on who went to the San Jose Sharks sale and took lots of pictures.  We were able to hear about the wide variety of items they had for sale as well as the prices.

Dont forget to register for the Frozen Four weekend expo in Chicago.  Coming soon: Game Worn Radio Wives Edition.