Game Worn Radio: Trevor Gillies


On this episode of Game Worn Radio, we had Trevor Gillies join us.  You get a little bit of bonus footage from this broadcast.  The pre-show banter was so good, we started broadcasting before the show start time.

We had an awesome time talking to Trevor about his journey through the hockey system on his path to the NHL, the current state of the NHL and his role in hockey.  We had a moment to talk to him about the jerseys and equipment he has and recently sold.  He even gave us some inside tips on how other players can stock up a little bit on their own equipment by greasing equipment managers and staff.

Even after the show ended, we talked to Trevor for over an hour.  He had such a good time, he said he would drop in on other shows we have when he is not busy.  

Fun fact: Trevor fought 6 of the 8 groomsmen in his wedding.

Audio Only: