Game Worn Radio: Team Sales Wrapping Up a Season

This is the time of year that is both the best and worst time of the hobby.  Teams have their equipment sales and jersey auctions.  Its a great time because the jerseys and equipment we have seen the players use all year finally become available.  Many collectors begin to sell items from their collections in order to finance new sales and the reports and accounts of new purchases.  Mail days a plenty.

Unfortunately this time also brings out a more competitive side to the hobby and pits collectors against other collectors.  Some collectors begin to dislike practices exercised by other collectors and sometimes collectors can feel disrespected by others actions, even if that is not the intent.  

I find it is important to understand at this time that in addition to collecting, and those we see throughout the hobby have many other things going on in their lives that we do not know about.  Every person interprets a situation differently and thats OK.  What is not OK is making assumptions about truth when you do not have all the facts.

This was not my favorite episode to record, even though it had great potential of topics.  Some technical issues with facebook streaming knocked us off track.  I was not able to discuss some very interesting topics (reserved for a later show) that I would have liked.  Coming off of a tough personal week, I got dragged into false accusations regarding the Red Wings equipment sale which reflected heavily in the show which I regret.  This is an unfortunate side affect of the negativity that can come from perceived competition around this time.

Luckily, each week is a new week and next time we plan on discussing some topics we missed out on discussing, such as some shared stories about the days we refer to as the wild west of the hobby and how it may not have always been the glory days of the hobby, leading us to the modern collector utilizing research methods.

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