Game Worn Radio: Recap of the Past Month

Last night we had some fun and good game worn talk with our regular callers Doc, Dan, Marco, Eric, Tom and we had a new caller Brett.

  • Had some fun at Marco’s expense with a Arnold Schwarzenegger sound board.
  • Talked about the All-Star weekend
  • Cashing in on recent events
  • Marco wants fake replicas
  • Shill bidding among auction houses
  • Marco’s fake announcement to try and bait the panel (Didn’t work)
  • Closing branches of collections
  • Sellers getting villainized
  • Social media hurting the hobby
  • Commenting negatively on threads you have no interest in
  • The Golden Rule: Dont burn bridges.

Next show, I really would like to get some talk in about rookie year jerseys and the current sensationalism that has been increasing regarding prospect players.